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Resonance Attack

Different partners have skills or ace attacks that they achieve during perfect resonance (usually after a long partnership with someone). These attacks are a symbol of the partnership’s advanced synergy and are formed based on the abilities of both Meister and Weapon together.

Here is a brief how-to guide on how to fill in your request:

1. How do we know when our characters are ready to perform a Resonance Attack?

It isn't necessarily about how many souls/points they have. The most important thing about Resonance Attacks is the bond between Weapon and Meister because if it's not strong enough achieving perfect resonance will be difficult if not impossible. If they've recently come to some kind of deep understanding, if they've gone on a lot of missions together, if they've recently gone through a rough patch together, etc. any of these could be a reason for getting a Resonance Attack!

2. How strong can I make our Resonance Attack?

Resonance Attacks are very strong! They are supposed to be the culmination of all a Meister and Weapon's experiences and hardships they overcame together, after all. Think like a final attack. However, like a final attack, it's not meant to be used continuously or without pause and, at first, the toll of such an attack will leave the characters tired afterwards. So, with that being said...

3. Things to keep in mind when creating a resonance attack

- The amount of time a Resonance Attack can be held usually isn't long. Though, given that a lot can happen in even one minute during a fight, this isn't as much of a disadvantage as you'd think.
- At first, it will be difficult for pairs to use their Resonance Attack for more than a couple of times. This is because it's tiring! After a while though, it will become easier and easier to invoke it and to use in in succession.
- The Resonance Attack should reflect the abilities of the Meister and Weapon.

4. Is there anything I can't do for Resonance Attacks?
- No wings. Creating wings is a skill specific to Grigori Soul which are extremely rare.
- No applying for mental damage, mental control, or summoning abilities.
- No applying for abilities that are specifically attuned to harming or dominating fellow human beings.

Resonance Attack Request:

Meister and Weapon Resonance Attack
MEISTER: Maka Albarn
WEAPON: Soul "Eater" Evans
Witch Hunter (SAMPLE)
MEISTER: Akiha Tohno
WEAPON: Sion Eltnam Atlasia
Eye of Horus
WEAPON: Keroro
K Frame
MEISTER: Hyuuga Neji
WEAPON: Rock Lee
Hakkeshou Renge
MEISTER: Kanji Tatsumi
WEAPON: Naoto Shirogane
Megidolaon / Vorpal Blade
MEISTER: Miles Edgeworth
WEAPON: Genesis Rhapsodos
Trial by Fire
MEISTER: Lily Ivory
WEAPON: Lezard Valeth
Venomous Servants
MEISTER: Meister Name
WEAPON: Weapon Name

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Meister Name: Kanji Tatsumi
Weapon Name: Naoto Shirogane
Resonance Attack Name: Megidolaon (only used in Gun Form) / Vorpal Blade (only used in Blade Form)
Why should they have a resonance attack: They've been through hell together, and that's no different in Death City. Their bond grew tighter as time went on, from being partners in action to their current romantic relationship. They're two halves of a whole: With Naoto's brains and Kanji's brawn, their shared stubborn determination is the spark that triggers the change and burst of power.
Physical Changes: For Megidolaon, the gunblade spreads up the Meister's arm, forming an ornate arm cannon. For Vorpal Blade, Naoto's blade shapes similarly to her Persona's wielded rapier.
Attack Effects: Megidolaon is an explosive effect that is perfect for overwhelming and burning with pure soul energy, and very effective against large enemies. Vorpal Blade is a widespread cutting effect, perfect for eliminating large groups of small enemies or severing troublesome limbs/tendrils. Both could also be used to blast or cut their way through obstacles.
Image References (optional):
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D-double approval!?

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Meister Name: Hyuuga Neji
Weapon Name: Rock Lee
Resonance Attack Name: Hakkeshou Renge
Why should they have a resonance attack: Neji and Lee have been rivals, teammates, and friends for years, fighting alongside each other, defending one another and already possessed a great synergy that translated into their resonance when they became Meister and Weapon. With additional work together as partners that understand and complement one another on a deep level, they've awoken their true potential.
Physical Changes: Lee's chain lengthens and his batons fuse to Neji's forearms to cover them along with his hands, sharpening to a short point at the tips.
Attack Effects: The technique opens with a burst of speed and raw power, mirroring the effects of the first gate and combining them with Neji's innate chakra control- enabling them to switch between offensive and defensive fronts for a short time.

Offensively, they can use the boost of speed and power in conjunction with Neji's Soul Menace, executing a swift, powerful new form of his natural 64 palms with the potential to take down multiple enemies.

Defensively, they can awaken Kaiten, whipping up a red soul energy that encompasses a 15 meter radius, condensing with the effect of Neji's absolute control to deflect oncoming attacks and protect anyone inside this radius for up to a 20 second burst for a maximum of 3 times.

There's also potential to combine these two fronts into the ultimate attack, maintaining their defense while delivering a punishing finish to their opponent.

The length of this power up effect is dependent on Neji and Lee's experience and training.

Image References (optional):
64 Palms
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Meister Name: Akiha Tohno
Weapon Name: Sion Eltnam Atlasia
Resonance Attack Name: Eye of Horus

Why should they have a resonance attack: Akiha and Sion have been partners since they arrived in Death City. From the same world, they had a strong bond to begin with – having met through Akiha's brother – and it just grew with their time with Shibusen. They have had their difficulties, but no one understands them better than each other and the problems they have with Akiha's demonic heritage and Sion's vampirism. Their determination to become the best, trust in each other, and their bond strengthening into a romantic relationship give them the connection they need to achieve perfect resonance.

Physical Changes: The was curves and takes on a sharp edge of bronze, like a a khopesh, balanced for one-handed use.

Attack Effects:

When used, a golden aura laced with the vermillion color of Akiha's soul surrounds her, giving the flickering image that she is a falcon headed warrior as she attacks the target's soul instead of their physical body. The perfect strike bypasses all defenses for that one hit, dealing a crippling blow to those with non-human souls.

A hard technique to use, the aura protects Akiha from attacks, absorbing the energy of the opposing attack much like her Soul Bite meister ability, but a connecting hit upon her will disrupt the attack and make it miss. Should the attack be used on a human soul, it will completely pass through the target as if they weren't even there.
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Meister Name: Eve
Weapon Name: Keroro
Resonance Attack Name: K Frame
Why should they have a resonance attack: They've been partners for almost as long as they've both been in Death City. Keroro was there to help Eve keep going after Train's death in Death City and was with her all the way up until she was able to truly let go of him when they visited his grave together. They balance each other because Eve reins Keroro back when he gets too crazy and he teaches her a lot about what it means to be a boss, a friend and a comrade. There is no one they trust more than each other in Death City right now.

Physical Changes: Keroro's Weapon form goes from black with white buttons to a Keroro green (still with white buttons). However, where in his usual form all the buttons have a symbol on them, all of the symbols disappear except for the Realization button which will glow yellow.
Attack Effects: Pressing the Realization button activates Keroro's ability but with a twist: this time instead of creating something Keroro is thinking about, it will create the Red Frame in Keroro green (not to be mistaken for the Green Frame which is something else entirely). This will be dubbed the "K Frame".

Eve's ability in canon is that of transformation. The ability to change her very cellular make up to create weapons out of her body or use the nanomachines inside her body to create weapons. With Keroro as her partner, they can do something similar using his Realization ability. The K Frame reflects their fluid fighting style because the Red Frame is canonly a weapon that can transform.

In its most basic form it is a giant sword (also known as Sword Form). It's...basically a huge sword and used as a huge sword. It can transform into either Arrow Form (a long distance weapon) or Sword Arm Form (a short distance attack form more suited for quick attacks.)

However, this is not specifically a special ability because as mentioned previously, the original Red Frame on which the K Frame is based one already has transformation abilities. So, in essence, the K Frame is just like any object Keroro Realizes.

The actual attack effect is: temporarily nullifying two rules governing Keroro's Realization ability in order to create the K Frame. Specifically the one limiting the size of what Keroro Realizes and the one about the weight of the items he Realizes.

Everything Keroro Realizes follows a few standard rules including this one: objects created cannot exceed the size of a normal adult human. That rule can be broken when they achieve perfect resonance, but only to create the Red Grame which in its Sword Form is about two to three feet taller than a normal person.

The other rule is that objects Keroro creates act like physical objects. They can be broken and they have weight. So normally even if Keroro and Eve could create something like the K Frame, lifting it will be impossible. During perfect resonation, however, a passive ability is activated by Keroro, temporarily removing this limitation and allowing Eve to easily lift the K Frame despite its size. It still has the weight it would under normal circumstances, it's just that Eve won't feel that weight (but her enemies will if she hits them with this thing).

When this ability stops working the Kero Ball will go from green back to its original grey and the green areas of the K Frame will turn grey as well. In theory, the K Frame could remain after this passive ability has run out, but she won't be able to lift it or move around with it since the thing is bigger than Eve herself. It will also become more fragile and be stuck in whatever form it was in when the ability ended.

As with all items Keroro creates, the K Frame will disappear a short while after Eve lets go of it. There is also a brief pause when the K Frame is changing forms.

In the beginning, Keroro and Eve won't be able to use this ability for very long, probably not even long enough to figure out how to change forms. As their experience grows, the number of times they can use this ability and the length of time it lasts will increase.

Image References (optional):
Sword Form
Arrow Form
Sword Arm Form
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Meister Name: Miles Edgeworth
Weapon Name: Genesis Rhapsodos
Resonance Attack Name: Trial by Fire
Why should they have a resonance attack: Genesis and Edgeworth have had other partners come and go before teaming up. Instead of moping, however, both of them stepped up to the challenge of starting over and learning to trust each other in and out of battle, and came out with a pretty solid, unspoken bond. While they are similar in certain ways, their differences are very pronounced and complement each other. Genesis is an experienced fighter with all the charms, while Edgeworth is the logical, more serious half who never had combat experience prior to his arrival in Death City.
Physical Changes: Genesis' Rapier changes from a red blade with a silver hilt to a silver blade with a gold hilt. The golden ornate hilt will also transform, producing a great gold single wing along the guard. The blade will also glow in an almost blinding manner.
Attack Effects: In a nutshell, Edgeworth and Genesis are able to create and control fire. Edgeworth gains just enough heat resistance to be able to withstand being very close to fire for long periods of time.

Flames can be created within a ten-foot distance in any direction, while existing flames can be brought under their control. To do so, Edgeworth points the Rapier toward the direction of the target and uses his Meister ability to summon fire. The symbol for Genesis' limit break (see image) will appear depending on the exact location of whatever they want to set on fire. The flames can move, combine, separate, die or concentrate on a particular target depending on Edgeworth's command, as long as the fire remains within the ten-foot radius.

The fire they create has no other special properties apart from the fact that it burns with little or no smoke and is subject to Edgeworth's commands. But because of that, his mood and concentration can affect the control he and Genesis have over fire, from making it burn too intensely when he's angry, to letting it go out when he is sad or frightened. Either scenario is possible when he loses concentration. He also has to say his commands loudly and clearly.

Image References (optional): Genesis' limit break.
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Meister Name: Lily Ivory
Weapon Name: Lezard Valeth
Resonance Attack Name: Venomous Servants
Why should they have a resonance attack: After butting heads quite frequently, they've both learned to grow more comfortable together, and in turn a little closer. After the Designation Swap, Lily got to learn just how difficult it can be on the other side of the fence, thus finally believing what Lezard had expressed about a Weapon's setbacks. They grew to understand each other.
Physical Changes: What was a dusty old book becomes brand new, with slick new leather bindings and renewed silver corners. It appears as if it had just been created, rather than sitting in a library for ages.
Attack Effects: Lily and Lezard's mutual attunement to fire and to that of homunculi enable them to create 'familiars' of flame, one green and one blue, drawn from the book and under the command of both. The flames take the shape of large snakes, able to bind opponents, bite and burn (or inject a burning venom), or provide a distraction if need be. Opponents, if weak enough, can be eaten by the snakes, leaving their souls behind for collection.
Image References (optional):
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Meister Name: Mihael 'Mello' Keehl
Weapon Name: Nate 'Near' River
Resonance Attack Name: Rubik's Revenge

Why should they have a resonance attack:
To say Mello and Near have a history together would be putting it very lightly. They didn't just grow up in the same orphanage: they were rivals, always striving to be number one, a constant and intense competition that followed them well into adulthood, and into this new world. By bringing them into Death City, BREW's actions ensured that they were finally able to do the one thing they should have done all along in their world: work together as one, in a partnership that was quite rocky at the beginning, but which improved significantly over time.

Once Mello and Near understood, intellectually, how perfectly their almost-opposite personalities complement each other, they became a very effective Meister and Weapon team, but one ingredient was still missing: enough trust to let their mental walls down completely when they resonated. That trust developed as they began to grow closer, emotionally and physically, and being forced to tell the truth thanks to Excalibur's Valentine's chocolates sped things up quite a bit. There were some setbacks along the way, but eventually they both learned not only to accept, but to finally embrace that they need each other to be their strongest. This made it possible for them to resonate perfectly on a regular basis.

Physical Changes:
Near's Weapon form changes from your usual multicolored Rubik's Cube to a completely white one, with a faint glow to it that grows dimmer or brighter depending on his energy level. During their resonance attack, it becomes almost impossible to separate the Rubik's Cube from Mello's hand, as if the glow that surrounds the cube wraps around Mello's hand and wrist like tendrils, holding him in place.

Attack Effects:
Near's Weapon form has four abilities, which are triggered depending on how many sides of the Rubik's Cube are solved at any given moment. Their resonance attack is a mix of Mello's Soul Precognition and Near's fourth ability, the blast wave:

Similar to the shock wave caused by a powerful explosion, this attack would create a wave of energy moving at supersonic velocity towards it target. This is the most powerful of Near's attacks: with enough training, the force of the blast wave could be strong enough to cause severe internal damage to its victims, and knock down small buildings or other structures. Of course, the stronger the blast wave is, the more energy it will drain out of him.

To put it simply, their resonance attack is a targeted blast wave. Rather than a shockwave that radiates from wherever they are located, this attack is directed (upwards into the sky, deep underwater...) and then it goes off, almost like throwing a grenade. Naturally, their resonance attack is far more powerful than Near's regular blastwave ability, and both Mello and Near are immune to its effects, but they are certainly not immune to any debris or exploded kishin egg bits that may come flying in their direction, of course.

Image References (optional):

Their resonance attack was approved February last year but this post wasn't around by then, and we forgot to do this until now, sorry for the lateness!