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Resonance Attack

Different partners have skills or ace attacks that they achieve during perfect resonance (usually after a long partnership with someone). These attacks are a symbol of the partnership’s advanced synergy and are formed based on the abilities of both Meister and Weapon together.

Here is a brief how-to guide on how to fill in your request:

1. How do we know when our characters are ready to perform a Resonance Attack?

It isn't necessarily about how many souls/points they have. The most important thing about Resonance Attacks is the bond between Weapon and Meister because if it's not strong enough achieving perfect resonance will be difficult if not impossible. If they've recently come to some kind of deep understanding, if they've gone on a lot of missions together, if they've recently gone through a rough patch together, etc. any of these could be a reason for getting a Resonance Attack!

2. How strong can I make our Resonance Attack?

Resonance Attacks are very strong! They are supposed to be the culmination of all a Meister and Weapon's experiences and hardships they overcame together, after all. Think like a final attack. However, like a final attack, it's not meant to be used continuously or without pause and, at first, the toll of such an attack will leave the characters tired afterwards. So, with that being said...

3. Things to keep in mind when creating a resonance attack

- The amount of time a Resonance Attack can be held usually isn't long. Though, given that a lot can happen in even one minute during a fight, this isn't as much of a disadvantage as you'd think.
- At first, it will be difficult for pairs to use their Resonance Attack for more than a couple of times. This is because it's tiring! After a while though, it will become easier and easier to invoke it and to use in in succession.
- The Resonance Attack should reflect the abilities of the Meister and Weapon.

4. Is there anything I can't do for Resonance Attacks?
- No wings. Creating wings is a skill specific to Grigori Soul which are extremely rare.
- No applying for mental damage, mental control, or summoning abilities.
- No applying for abilities that are specifically attuned to harming or dominating fellow human beings.

Resonance Attack Request:

Meister and Weapon Resonance Attack
MEISTER: Maka Albarn
WEAPON: Soul "Eater" Evans
Witch Hunter (SAMPLE)
MEISTER: Akiha Tohno
WEAPON: Sion Eltnam Atlasia
Eye of Horus
WEAPON: Keroro
K Frame
MEISTER: Hyuuga Neji
WEAPON: Rock Lee
Hakkeshou Renge
MEISTER: Kanji Tatsumi
WEAPON: Naoto Shirogane
Megidolaon / Vorpal Blade
MEISTER: Miles Edgeworth
WEAPON: Genesis Rhapsodos
Trial by Fire
MEISTER: Lily Ivory
WEAPON: Lezard Valeth
Venomous Servants
MEISTER: Meister Name
WEAPON: Weapon Name

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