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FAQ - Index

Game Premise

  • What is Soul Eater?
  • What are inboxes for?
  • How does posting work?
  • How does time work?
  • How do languages work?
  • How does the Activity Check work?
  • I want to plot, who do I talk to?
  • What are the application guidelines?
  • Is there a chat, and can people who are considering apping enter?
  • I have a concern that doesn't quite belong in the Questions and FAQ post, don't want to ask in the open. What do I do?
  • Can we reuse accounts that are being used in another game?

  • What exactly happened here?
  • Why are we here?
  • How are we getting home?
  • Do we have to return to our own worlds?
  • Are we free to go?
  • Where do our characters arrive?
  • I want to take a character from a point where s/he was injured from battle. Can they arrive like this? Is there a way to arrange for a healer to be present at his arrival, or would there be a better approach to it?
  • Can I join the witches?
  • Who is Medusa?
  • Who is Adachi?

    Soul Eater Universe
  • What is Shibusen?
  • What is Death City?
  • Who is Shinigami-sama?
  • Who are the witches?
  • What is the Kishin?
  • What is BREW?
  • Who is Mifune?
  • Who is Sid?
  • What is Excalibur?
  • the sun and moon REALLY have faces on them?
  • Could a character speak in another language that they knew (or even use their own ESL skills instead of BREW's auto-translating) if they tried? Would they have accents?
  • What is the Shibusen Records Office?

    Meister and weapons
  • What is a Meister?
  • What is a Weapon?
  • How are Meisters and Weapons connected?
  • What are the Death Scythes?
  • How does a weapon become a Death Scythe?
  • What kinds of weapons are there?
  • Is there a list somewhere of which characters are meisters and which are weapons?

    Living in Death City
  • Where are we going to live?
  • How does Death City look like?
  • How does currency work in Death City?
  • How can I earn money?
  • Is Death City technology the same as modern technology?
  • Where is there to go in Death City?
  • What is outside of Death City?
  • Do I get to keep my weapon/magical item/precious object etc?
  • Can my character acquire a normal weapon in Death City somehow?
  • Does Death City have a library?
  • Is there some sort of mafia in Death City? Or any organization similar to that?
  • If my character has the knowledge, can they make homemade explosives?
  • What are the prisons in Death City like?

    Missions and other in-game events
  • How do missions work?
  • Can I request special training?
  • What are player plots?
  • Would two meisters or two weapons be allowed to accept a mission on their own?

  • Why should I have a partner?
  • How are partners chosen?
  • How do I choose a partner?
  • My partnership isn't working out. May I change?
  • What is Resonance?
  • What is a Resonance Attack?
  • My partner and I have an idea for a Resonance Attack! What do we do?
  • What is Team Resonance?
  • Can there be Weapon/Weapon and Meister/Meister partnerships?
  • Can a Meister wield two Weapons?
  • Are characters forced to move in together once they resonate and become partners?

    Characters and Applications
  • Can I play a character from Soul Eater?
  • How many characters can I app?
  • What happened to my abilities?
  • What happened to my weapons?
  • What happens to dropped characters?
  • I'd like to app someone from a game not released in America/a spoiler character. Am I allowed to do so?
  • Is it possible to apply for a character in neither the role of a meister OR a weapon?
  • I want to app a character with a separate personality, but it seems like these two personalities are two different people. So do I app them together or can I only app one?
  • Will I be notified about rejection through email or another form of contact?
  • I want to apply for someone with a sentinent weapon with no human form. Is this allowed?
  • If a character is taken post-death, will they still have whatever they died from?
  • My character doesn't have a soul! Can I still apply?
  • Can a character be taken post-canon?
  • Can we edit our apps after we submit them?
  • My character has a pet/mascot creature? Can he/she bring it along?
  • Can I canon update my character?
  • My character is blind, missing organs, or have debilitating illnesses. Can I still app?
  • Do you accept characters from webcomics?
  • Can my character have more than one weapon form?
  • Can death be forced on a character?
  • What happens when characters die?

  • What are souls?
  • Who can see souls?
  • What kinds of souls are there?
  • How do you collect souls?
  • If a person has a split personality would this be shown in their soul?
  • What if my character has two or more souls in his body, like in the case of being possessed or having a parasite in them?

    Further questions and concerns.

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