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This Application Form was updated on January 6th, 2013. Please make sure your application is up to date before submitting it to us.

With endgame approaching, applications are now permanently closed!

Things to remember when applying:
  • Send all applications to

  • You may only apply as one character per application cycle. Applying for your second character requires passing one activity check, and applying for your third or fourth character requires passing two activity checks.

  • Your character must have had a substantial appearance in their canon. If your character was never given a line and/or only shows up in one panel/cutscene, you might want to pick someone else.

  • You are allowed two Meisters and two Weapons, for a total of four characters per player.

  • You may apply as two characters from the same fandom; however, they can not be closely related. If they interact on a regular basis in their canon, then you will likely not be allowed to play both.

  • Be sure to read both the Rules and FAQ before applying. There is also a Guideline on how to proofread your apps and how the mods judge it during application cycles.

  • Check both the Taken Characters and the Reserves before submitting your application.

  • If you are asked to redo a section of your application, you have one week to email your revised work before the application is automatically rejected. However, we do not accept revisions to the Character Information Section. If you fail this section, your application will be immediately rejected.

  • Your character will be put on the Reserve page if you haven't already reserved them and 'Processing' will be placed next to their name once we have received your app.

  • Copy and paste the application below and send it in the body of your email to You must label your subject line with:

    Application | Character's Name | Meister or Weapon

    We will return all emails that do not follow these instructions.

  • Make sure that your applications are readable before sending to us. Jarring colors and tiny font sizes will be returned to the player for resubmission. We require that you proofread your applications for grammar and spelling.

  • You must answer every part of the application, barring sections specifically marked as optional. We will return all incomplete applications to their players.

Rich Text Format

Player Name:
Personal Journal:
Contact Information: [ E-mail is a must. Chat ID and other contact information is optional. ]
Current Characters:
Links to Activity Check: [ Please refer to rules on multiple characters. ]

Age: [ Indicate actual age (estimates are fine) and apparent age. ]
Timeline: [ Specify from what time in canon your character is coming from. Is it after a specific event or chapter, or is it post-series? ]

[ A (substantial) link is preferred, but if not available, a brief write-up is fine. We don't want a blow by blow of everything they have done in their canon- Simply tell us a story about how the events of their life have influenced the person they are when they come to Death City. ]

[ Be thorough; we consider this the backbone of your app, and we will not be accepting revisions for this section if the application team finds it lacking. Focus on an analysis of character personality and motivations and use specific examples as evidence. We want to see how good your grasp is of the character’s psychology, so don’t turn this into a History section. Please discuss your character's strengths and weaknesses and how they affect them as an individual. ]

Why is your character a good fit for the setting of Soul Campaign, and what will they do once they are in the game?
[ Tell us how your character will contribute to the plot, and what possible courses of action they may take once in Death City. Are they a villain who will create conflict? Are they a hero invested in saving innocents? Are they indifferent to the war? ]

List the abilities your character will still have in Soul Campaign:
[Please view the FAQ regarding what can and can't remain.]

List the weaknesses your character will gain (or lose) in Soul Campaign:
[Note which are gained and lost; BREW can cause characters to gain or lose weaknesses, like powers, illnesses, or situational dis/advantages.]

[ Please select one. Guidelines on characteristics of Weapons & Meisters can be found here. ]

Soul Description:
[ Please list six adjectives that describe your character's personality (preferably ones that tie into/exemplify their personality section above.) Then tell us the basic appearance of your character's soul- Color, hairstyle, etc. You can draw it, or you can just write this section. This helps our characters with Soul Perception know what they'll be seeing when they look at your character's soul!

More information on Souls can be found here! Souls CANNOT be purple, since Witches have purple souls in Soul Eater, and they CANNOT have wings, as only grigori can have winged souls. ]

(Weapon Form) / Ability:
[ MEISTER - Make a list of three chosen or created abilities, and we will select one. Examples of Meister abilities can be found in the Meister Directory. ]

[WEAPON - Please describe your character's Weapon form; this does not need to be what they wield in their canon. Apart from standard weapon powers, Weapons also have unique abilities depending on weapon form and individual personalities. Please give us one general ability that you think the character’s weapon form should have. A guideline on samples and restrictions on weapon forms and abilities can be found in the Meisters & Weapons FAQ. ]


[ Please provide a sample of how your character will post to the Death City network. Here is a link to the communicators used within the game. DEMISE posts are made in the main community, [community profile] soul_campaign. ]

[ Please write at least three paragraphs about your character’s arrival in Shibusen’s kishin chamber. This can include their last few moments in their own world, as well as their first few minutes in Death City. You can read about the place they will be when they first arrive here. ]

[ Anything else you want us to know? (If your character has difficulty verbally communicating or can’t verbally communicate at all (mute or non-humanoid), this is where you should elaborate on how this will be treated in the game.) ]

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If you have any further questions, please contact the moderators via email at

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