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Character-run Businesses


Character-run businesses are those that the guests to Death City have established themselves. Of course, the aspiring entrepreneurs would first require capital to do so, which they can earn by having jobs, joining missions, or earning rewards from Shibusen.

All character-run businesses are located in several buildings that have been reserved just for the guests. These are the buildings A - E that you can see on the map above. Each unit is pretty decently sized, at 8x10 meters. Some owners may rent more than one unit if needed, as long as they have the funds to do so. Rent is at 500 death dollars a month for each unit.

Some businesses have also been created in locations outside of these buildings. Again, as long as these are explained ICly and have gained proper mod approval, that is a-okay.

To apply for a business, just fill out the application below:

Business Name: The Name of your Business
Building Letter and Unit Number: As stated. Please make sure that the unit you want hasn't been claimed yet, and make sure that you know the location of your business.
Nature of Business: What your business is about, its goals and objectives, and what you do.
Owner's Inbox: All business owners are required for have a character inbox. Click here for a sample.

Number of Employees Needed: How many people you want in your business. These are people you will have to wage to, so it's important to think about this carefully!
Employee Job Descriptions: What you want your employees to do.
Notes: Any particulars about the kind of applicants you want to see in your business? Any other comments you want to add?

It's important to remember that this application will represent your business to all those interested. The slots in the units will only link to your comment.

If a character is dropped, the business is automatically removed from the registry unless requested and all workers in that business will become unemployed. Businesses need owners, after all. A change in owner is acceptable provided that a new business description is submitted in this page.

The mods will not be keeping track of character-run businesses and jobs outside of this page.


Business Units for Character-Run Enterprises

1 - available
2 - available
3 - available
4 - available 5 - available 6 - available
7 - available 8 - available 9 - available
1 - available
The Awesome Arcade of Awesomeness
(Triple A)
Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad
4 - available 5 - available 6 - available
7 - 8
Fatal Frames
9 - available
Yesterday's Magic
Yesterday's Magic
Northern Lights
4 - available 5 - available 6 - available
Metokkori R
Hikan Tea Shop
The Kero Cube
1 - available
2 - available
3 - available
4 - available 5 - available 6 - available
7 - available 8 - available 9
Black Mesa
1 - 3
Death City Office of General Security
4 - available 5 - available 6 - available
7 - available 8 - available 9 - available

Businesses in Other Locations:

The Kuzunoha Detective Agency
The World's End

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starfruitfrog: (4th wall || CALL ME CAPTAIN!)

[personal profile] starfruitfrog 2012-01-15 10:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Business Name: Metokkori R, The Hikan Cafe & The Kero Cube
Building Letter and Unit Number: C7-9
Nature of Business: A combination Japanese goods store, a tea shop and a rental showcase (a kind of store that rents out small shelves that marchants can then use to sell their own items) with gachapon machines inside.
Owner's Inbox: Keroro | Eve

Metokkori R
Number of Employees Needed: 3
Employee Job Descriptions:
Store Clerk {1/2}: Responsible for stocking the shelves, moving heavy things and manning the register when Keroro and Eve are performing their Watch duties.
Manager {0/1}: They will be responsible for overseeing the store when Keroro and Eve are performing their Watch duties and will be responsible for closing up at the end of the day.

Hikan Cafe
Number of Employees Needed: 5
Cook {1/2}: Responsible for food items such as cakes, pastries and simple pasta dishes. (Morning and afternoon shifts)
Barista {0/2}: Responsible for making coffee and tea. (Morning and afternoon shifts)
Waiter/Waitress {1/4}: Responsible for the general running of the restaurant, ranging from manning the register to cleaning tables and taking orders. (Morning and afternoon shifts)
Manager {0/1}: They will be responsible for overseeing the store when Keroro and Eve are performing their Watch duties and will be responsible for closing up at the end of the day.

The Kero Cube
Number of Employees Needed: 2 + others
Employee Job Descriptions:
Store Clerk {0/2}: Responsible for manning the register and helping to sell the items in the individual boxes. They're also in charge of recording all transactions so Eve can add it all up at the end of the month. In the case where there are problems with the gachapon machines, they will need to check to see what's going on with those.

Merchants: People who want to sell their things in Kero Cube. There are 305 40cmx36cmx40cm boxes available for rent lined up along all three walls. The panel between boxes that are beside one another horizontally can be removed to make one 80cm wide shelf that is still 36cm tall and 40cm deep. Each box has a glass door with a lock. The store will hold one copy of all the keys and the merchant will also hold a second copy of the key to their box(es). (Reference image)

It costs 10 Death Dollars to rent one box (20 Death Dollars for two spaces). Kero Cube will keep a record of the transactions and at the end of the month will total up what you've earned and pay you the sales after taking a 10% commission.

- Keroro is the owner, but it's going to be paid for by Eve who will be his investor and partner.
- Eve will be doing the book-keeping so they don't need a book-keeper
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prosecutory: viva la vida; coldplay (Default)

[personal profile] prosecutory 2012-01-25 10:40 am (UTC)(link)
Business Name: The Kuzunoha Detective Agency
Building Letter and Unit Number: Close to Building A, in a quieter section of the Shopping District.
Nature of Business: yoruzuya (anything goes) cum formal detective agency. Full description is over on the first tag of this log.
Owner's Inbox: Edgeworth | Near

Number of Employees Needed: 7+ but there's no actual cap. Interested characters just have to drop either of the heads a message in their inboxes.
Employee Job Descriptions:
Agents - agents on call. Best for law enforcers, informants and detective types, although all-around errand people and shonen heroes are welcome to share their, ah, expertise. Basically: if you think you've got a special talent that'll help people, this is the job for you.
Runner [0/1] - Messenger and delivery pups. Expect to do a lot of menial work. Or running around. Or menial work WHILE running around.
Guards [0/2] - one for night shift, one for day shift. Take charge of the people detained in the facility, and keeping unsavory types out of the building.
Assistant [0/1] - For clerical, archival and secretarial work.
Janitor [0/1] - Somebody has to keep this place clean.
Contractors - Not counted in the actual detail. If you want to work on a case with the Agency but you DON'T want to sign up as an agent, you can do things for the group on a contractual basis. Most of the cut for whatever job you accomplished goes to you. If you don't take a job, you don't get money.
+ You get your money if the Agency gets jobs, and pay is always a negotiation (usually depending on what you did).
+ Interested informants, detectives and enforcer types are always welcome to invest money with the Agency! \o/ You even get free office space.
+ Cravats are optional.

Near (agent) - (Unofficial) Head of Surveillance and Security
Miles Edgeworth (agent) - (Unofficial) Head of Pretty Much Everything Else

Naoto Shirogane (agent)
Raidou Kuzunoha (agent)
Genesis Rhapsodos (official Watch liaison)
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atleast80: (Default)

[personal profile] atleast80 2012-09-17 02:13 am (UTC)(link)
Business Name: The World's End
Building Letter and Unit Number: The Gallows 4. A lone building close to the border between Outer Residential Quarter Two and the Outer Quarter that has been rebuild to be also able to serve as a small safe house in times of need.
Nature of Business: A hybrid of an irish pandaemonic pub and a speakeasy that also rents rooms for a night. It has a hidden second nature.
Owner's Inbox: Here

Number of Employees Needed: 3+
Employee Job Descriptions:

Bartenders [0/2] - Should have the patience of a saint and the skills of the devil when it’s time to make drinks or a little something to eat. Being good at listening and bad at telling is an advantage, as is being prepared for late nights.
Bouncers/security [1/2] - The usual. They’re the bodyguards of the shop, be it repairs, lending other staff members a helping hand or dealing with unruly customers. You don’t need to be build like a tank as long as you can keep a calm head and kick ass!
Runners [0/3] - They do whatever needs to be done, be it preparing snacks, waiting, helping with the cleaning up after work or whatever other small work behind the scenes that needs to be done and that doesn’t have set times or gets as much recognition as it deserves.

-- A requirement for being hired is being reliable, being able to keep secrets and having no problems to deal with people who bend the law at times.
-- For more information or OOC questions go here.
-- Owner-ship changed from Aion to Hyoubu Kyousuke after the original character was dropped.
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vintage_magic: (coven 2 | showing off clothes)

[personal profile] vintage_magic 2012-10-19 05:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Business Name: Yesterday’s Magic
Building Letter and Unit Number: C-1 and C-2
Nature of Business: Vintage Clothes/Reproductions
Owner's Inbox: Here

Number of Employees Needed: 5
Employee Job Descriptions:

Store Clerk [3]: Assist customers, ring up sales, and keep the shop tidy. Also expected to help sort and wash new inventory before it goes on the sale floor.
Runner [1]: Accompany Lily when she goes hunting for inventory at yard sales, thrift shops, estate auctions, etc. and help carry it back to the shop. Bring non-washable items to the dry cleaners and pick them up. Clothing gets heavy in bulk so a lot of strength is recommended.
Tailor/Seamstress [1]: Repair vintage clothes, alter customer purchases when needed, and sew reproductions based on vintage styles.

-Lily will handle recordkeeping and finding inventory as well as staff the shop when there isn’t a clerk available.
-Current employees: Kanji Tatsumi (Tailor) and Josuke Higashikata (Runner)
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scatterflower: (smile)

[personal profile] scatterflower 2013-01-06 05:06 am (UTC)(link)
Business Name: Awesome Arcade of Awesomeness [Triple A] [AAA]
Building Letter and Unit Number: B-2
Nature of Business: Arcade
Owner's Inbox: Chika Daimon

Number of Employees Needed: 7
Employee Job Descriptions:
MASCOT [1] - to wear a suit or be interesting on his/her own and interact with customers (8 Death Dollars per hour)
CLERKS [3] - to redeem tickets for prizes and handle token exchanges. (8 Death Dollars per hour)
REPAIR STAFF [2] - to fix broken machines and keep them functioning properly. (8 Death Dollars per hour)
JANITOR [2] - depending on what kinda crap those crazy kids will bring in. (8 Death Dollars per hour)

See the inbox for more information.
topgun_textiles: [Hi. Please ask me before you take the icons I made. Common sense, right?] ([Rise] NOT A DAMN HORSE)

[personal profile] topgun_textiles 2013-01-12 04:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Business Name: The Velvet Room (SEES HQ)
Building Letter and Unit Number: B-3
Nature of Business: Organizational HQ/Lounge
Owner's Inbox: Catch-All Here

Number of Employees Needed: N/A
Employee Job Descriptions: N/A
Notes: Noting this after Minato left. All information is provided in the inbox!
heavenly_earth: (Art; Arrogance)

UPDATED post for The Watch

[personal profile] heavenly_earth 2013-02-11 10:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Business Name: Death City's Office for General Security and the Watch
Building Letter and Unit Number: Building E, Units 1-3
Nature of Business: Security/peacekeeping and city defense
Owner's Inbox: Here

Number of Employees Needed: Positions are always open
Employee Job Descriptions:

Patrolman- The body of the organization is made up of those that perform daily patrols in their assigned district. They watch for potential threats and suspicious activity, respond to threats and emergencies, and report directly to their district Zone Leaders.
Zone Leads- The leaders of a given district, often pairs of experienced fighters. They're tasked with keeping up-to-date on the goings-on in their assigned district, coordinating movements and shifts of those under their command, and communicating through the proper channels to make sure the city and it's population remain secure. At the end of the day, they submit a report, detailing activity for filing.
Deputy Zone Leads- The second-in-commands of a district, acting as support in any number of capacities. They fill in patrols where needed, wait in the wings as back-up, relay information or instructions, and lead the district in the absence of it's primary Zone Leads.
Clerk- Handles all paperwork pertaining to the Watch and it's members. This includes ensuring the accuracy of financial records, handling reports and requisition forms, organizing events, and screening applications of new potential members.
Medic- Medics on call from the clinic. They respond to distress calls both on the field and off, offer medical advice, and perform semi-regular check-ups.
Trainer- Experienced individuals with a given combat specialty or proficiency. They hold classes where they instruct members in various skills with their expertise. Many fields available; inquire within.
Mechanics/Smiths/Technicians- These individuals specialize in technical fields, and are responsible for anything from maintaining equipment, forging custom weaponry, or ensuring the security of the lines of communication within the Watch. May take on apprentices if you ask nicely.
Liaisons Officers- Official representatives of the Watch. They're in charge of communicating with the public or other agencies, responsible for bringing up potential issues, and maintaining good relations. They're encouraged to promote the organization.
Watchers- An unofficial position within the organization, tasked with keeping a careful eye out for potential security threats and either handling them, or communicating them to CIC for further observation.
Combat Intelligence Center- Primarily responsible for the communication and coordination of the members of the Watch. During the day, they monitor everything, making sure information and situation updates get to where they need to go, and keep tabs on security threats. In combat situations, they coordinate members on a large scale, keep them informed, and communicate instructions.

Notes: The Watch inbox page lists all other relevant information, including the application
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timelessummoner: (fascinating)

Since this hasn't been updated since LJ days...

[personal profile] timelessummoner 2013-04-16 10:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Business Name: Fatal Frames
Building Letter and Unit Number: Building B, Units 7 and 8
Nature of Business: An art gallery with a focus on photography.
Owner's Inbox: Here

Number of Employees Needed: 4
Employee Job Descriptions: At least two people to clean up after hours, one day security person and one night security person.
Notes: While Raidou is the owner, he is usually busy with the Detective Agency and other work, and only shows up at the gallery occasionally. He has people to keep things running, though not many.
bloodinbloom: Art by: BubblePlash @ dA (All about smiles)

Needed to update

[personal profile] bloodinbloom 2013-04-17 06:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Business Name: Horrorspital, re: The Guest Clinic
Building Letter and Unit Number: None. It's a barn-like construct about a hundred yards from the Casualty Communal. It's on the map.
Nature of Business: Clinic/Medical facility
Owner's Inbox: Here

Number of Employees Needed: The more the merrier.
Employee Job Descriptions: Doctors (varying degrees of skill welcome), nurses, assistants, errand runners, someone to do chores and cooking.
Notes: This isn't really managed by whomever is in charge so much as it manages itself, but they do take care of the running of its more constant jobs like making sure supplies are stocked, etc. Watson took over from Winry, who was returned home by the BREW. Naomi Kimishima, then Kurapika, then CR-S01, and now Rosalia who handles most chores and cooking.
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cardfortress: » <lj site="" user="epicradio"> (neutral | You've Been Caught In My Web)

Updated post for Black Mesa

[personal profile] cardfortress 2014-03-09 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
Business Name: Black Mesa
Building Letter and Unit Number: D-9
Nature of Business: Technician
Owner's Inbox: Near's inbox || Black Mesa Inbox

Number of Employees Needed: 6
Employee Job Descriptions: Clerk/secretary, Computer technician, Broadcasting and wireless Technician, Business Equipment: Computer Hardware Service Technician, Security System Technician and Basic Mechanics Technician. Read more about each job's description here

- A technician may have more than one area of expertise, therefore they don't need to solely focus/work on job area they applied for.
- This is not your regular "go to the office everyday and do work hours" job, so please make sure you read about it here.
- Black Mesa belonged to Matt, and then to Duo Maxwell, who then passed it on to Near. It remains exactly the same as when Matt created it, except for the addition of a new job position: clerk/secretary, to keep all paperwork and everything else in check.