Sep. 14th, 2012

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We're extremely sorry for the follow-up being so late. It won't be the next time!

The following characters did not reply to the Activity Check. These people have three days to reply to this entry with the usual Activity Check requirements or else they'll be removed from the game:

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova
Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Dad Egbert
Dave Strider
Emil Castagnier
Kiba Inuzuka
Kira Izuru
Rhode Kamelot
Samus Aran
Steve Rogers (Captain America)
Wolfram von Bielefeld
Yako Katsuragi
Zatanna Zatara

All AC rules apply to this post. This is just a follow up. If you submit the necessary requirements, you pass. Even if you do not have the necessary AC requirements, as long as you comment, you can get any of the other results (strike/hiatus/new character exemption) instead and not be removed from the game.

The following replied to the Activity Check but failed to meet the requirements, thus earning a strike for this check.


The following have pending Activity Check requirements to submit due to hiatus (and other):


The drops for August, including this AC period, are the following:


If there has been a mistake with the lists, please comment here and we'll fix it immediately! If you want to know your activity record, you may also comment here or email the mods.

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