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Partner Directory

The following is the Shibusen Partner Directory. In order to keep track of the Weapon and Meister teams currently in Shibusen, this log will be maintained for quick reference. This log is maintained by the Shibusen Records Office.

Doctor Franken Stein, Top Ranked Meister
Spirit Albarn, Death Scythe
Spirit, though outwardly silly and laid-back, can be serious and mature when situations call for it, which serves as a check against Stein's violent and sadistic personality. Together they form Shibusen's strongest meister-weapon pair, and they remain close friends despite Stein's past experiments on Spirit.
Azusa Yumi, Death Scythe - Demon Sniper
Marie Mjolnir, Death Scythe - Demon Tonfa
Justin Law, Death Scythe - Demon Guillotine
Sid Barret, Three Star Meister
Mira Nygus, Demon Knife
Maka Albarn, Two Star Meister
Soul Eater Evans, Death Scythe
Maka is bright and confident, short-tempered and competitive, in stark contrast to Soul, who can be pessimistic, reserved, calm and cool-headed under fire. They argue frequently over their differences, but their strong friendship lets them overcome their differences and attain high levels of resonance.
Black★Star, Two Star Meister
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Dark Demon Blade
Black★Star and Tsubaki are complete opposites; he is loud and reckless, while she is magnanimous, quiet and patient. Tsubaki's soul is very cooperative and has a lot of space to accept people, which complements Black★Star's terribly self-absorbed soul. Despite their differences, they care for each other a lot.
Death the Kid, Two Star Meister - Shinigami
Liz and Patti Thompson, Twin Demon Pistols
The current Shinigami is obsessed with symmetry and refuses to wield any weapon unless they come in a matching set, like Liz and Patti. He has a nervous personality and greatly admires the positive souls of the Thompson sisters, who were brought up on the streets and admire a dignified soul like Kid's.
Kilik Lunge, Two Star Meister
Fire and Thunder, Twin Demon Pots
Chrona Makenshi, Two Star Meister
Ragnarok, Demon Sword
Akiha Tohno, Three Star Meister
Sion Eltnam Atlasia , Deathscythe - Demon Egyptian Was
The two have much in common. Too much, in fact. Akiha's domineering personality combined with Sion's cocky, overintellectual outlook seems like it would make a mess. But when they both have the same goal, they become a force of nature powered by logic, good sense, and natural intuition.
Amaterasu, Three Star Meister
The Psiioniic, Demon Bicolored Goggles
A goddess and a troll would seem an unlikely partnership, but these two non-humans balance each other well. Psii's logic is a good foil for Amaterasu's occasional impulsiveness, and her calming wavelength is just what's needed to soothe his mind, which can still be as unsettled and overflowing as a buggy computer.
Eve, Two Star Meister
Keroro, Demon Kero Ball
Their partnership is like a double act where the straight man is a thirteen year old girl and the funny man is a 10000 year old alien frog. Neither of them really act their age, but that's why their partnership works: they're very good at making up for each other's shortcomings. They do their best to look out for each other even if they don't always know how.
Kanji Tatsumi, Three Star Meister
Naoto Shirogane, Deathscythe - Demon Gunblade
A famous detective and a small-town delinquent. Despite their differing backgrounds, the two have found acceptance in one another, and formed a tight, unshakeable bond. With Kanji's brawn, Naoto's brains and their combined stubborn resolve that helped solve a bizarre serial murder case in Japan, they seek to end this world's conflict.
Light Yagami, One Star Meister
L Lawliet, Demon Handcuffs
Though things didn't work out when Light was in the city before as a Weapon, now that he's a Meister, their resonance is almost too good. That being said, it's not something L is willing to give up, even if it blurs the line between L and Kira every time they join wavelengths. It'll probably destroy at least one of them eventually, but it doesn't matter when you're such perfect opposites that you balance each other completely.
Lily Ivory, Three Star Meister
Lezard Valeth, Deathscythe - Demon Spellbook
Theirs is an odd partnership formed to keep a close eye on each other. Their combined knowledge of magic, as well as having more in common than either of them think, makes them quite the team out in the fray. How Lily puts up with the flirtatious Lezard, however, is anybody's guess.
Mihael "Mello" Keehl, Three Star Meister
Nate "Near" River, Deathscythe - Demon Rubik's Cube
Mello and Near are a study in contrasts, and that's their strength. Mello is impulsive and aggressive, and Near is cool and calculating. They competed in their world, but the rules have changed in Death City, and they need each other to survive. They're learning how strong equal opposites can be when they work together.
Miles Edgeworth, Three Star Meister
Genesis Rhapsodos, Demon Rapier
A bond formed by chance, Genesis and Edgeworth recently lost their previous partners before deciding to try resonating with each other. Despite this, they are willing to learn to trust each other in this budding partnership. Where Genesis is the brawn and the charm, Edgeworth provides the brains and reason.
Minako Arisato, One Star Meister
Josuke Higashikata, Demon Brass Knuckles
A team born out of a cheap bowl of ramen. Minako and Josuke might look like they clash, one being an energetic high school girl and the other a classic high school delinquent, but their social and friendly natures made it easy to strike up a partnership.
Naruto Uzumaki, Two Star Meister
Sasuke Uchiha, Demon Blindfold
A bond that refused to be severed. Searching for strength and a meaning to loneliness, Sasuke chose a path of hatred and Naruto chose a path of love. But their time in Death City has given them something their world never could and they've finally come together to protect this place they've both come to cherish.
Raidou Kuzunoha, Two Star Meister
Alucard, Demon Alucard Sword
A detective who fought alongside demons to save the world. One of cursed blood who fought to save the world. Separated by centuries and countries, they are both more alike and well suited for each other than they realize. No matter what happens, their first instinct is always to guard each others' backs.
Rosalia Rossellini, One Star Meister
Count D, Demon Incense Burner
A sweet girl who wants to help everyone and a non-human with a disdain for humanity. Suddenly thrown together during an attack on the city, Rosalia and D’s first time working together wasn’t without snags. But with her kindness, she reminds him that there might be hope for humanity after all and he promises to protect her.

Once your characters have partnered up, please fill out the following form and reply to this post. Please do not alter the code:

The writeup is a short blurb about the compatibility of your characters' souls. Use primary characteristics and explain how they complement each other. Some pairs might be more conflicting than complementary; in which case, you can also mention how their bond allows them to resonate. Please limit your blurb to 50 to 55 words. The list mod in charge of updating this page might have to do a bit of creative rephrasing if your writeup won't fit in the allocated space.

The mods traditionally choose your partner icons for you, so if you'd like us to choose, just leave the links blank. You can also provide the links yourself if you have particular matching icons you want us to use.

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