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Meister Directory

The Soul Records Office ICly records a guest's given category, whether they are meister or weapon, upon being brought here by the BREW. Note that the IC list does not include the character's meister ability until it is discovered and willingly submitted to them.

Records Office will only be able to ICly record using the name that is given to them by the character; however, their category will be ICly be submitted to them by members of Shibusen for accuracy.

Calming Wavelength - Their soul soothes those around them and is resistant to the Madness Wavelength outlined here. Amaterasu
Clairsentience - They are capable of seeing the internal workings of any inanimate object they touch.
Clairvoyance - They are able to know their immediate terrain and create a mental map, and sense the souls within the vicinity. This ability has a one-kilometer radius. Meister's can gain a foggy insight without being partnered with a Weapon, but the full extent of this ability can only be accessed during resonance. Hyuuga Neji
Colorfully Reminded Soul - Meisters will be able to pinpoint that soul's location and any immediate danger to the person by focusing on that string that are wrapped around the fingers (with player permission). They cannot resonate while using this ability, and it will not work on people who have Soul Apathy or another blocking ability. They will only start with two strings, being used separately, but with training and stronger resonance, could work up to 10 being used simultaneously, one per finger.
Cuteness Proximity Soul - Similar to Feral Soul, when the Meister perceives that a cute living being is in peril (such as small animals, young children etc), their endurance, strength and agility is temporarily increased until the target is deemed safe, at a cost to self-restraint, resonance and risk assessment. Note that the ability can be fooled by, eg, toy animals or other objects that resemble cute living beings.
Damaged Soul Perception - This specific skill is a splinter from its brother, Soul Perception. Any Meister with this ability will not be able to see souls but they can sense their general location when resonating, feel the subtle shifts in emotion that other souls have, and gauge the general strength of a soul. While resonating as a 3-star Meister, the ability to track the emotive personality of a soul can extend up to a 3 kilometer radius. Also, as a 3-star Meister, when resonating strongly this ability allows them to sense emotional reactions eightfold to the point of nearly being able to predict actions (thought they will not always be right). This last particular skill will be very costly and draining, and will therefore take time to master if it is mastered at all. Each of the higher tiers takes a massive amount of stamina to withstand when first learning to use them.
Diagnostic Soul - When the Meister makes contact with a living thing, they are able to read that being's physical condition to determine how healthy they are and what could be physically causing their ailments should they have any. This only extends to living things and he has to be making contact with that being physically. It will not give the Meister a direct answer as to how to go about fixing said person or being. It is only meant to 'diagnose' the problem if there is one. This ability can only work on low-level kishin eggs to begin with. As the Meister becomes two star, their ability is able to discover a weakness of Witches along with high-level kishin eggs. This ability only works in a physical sense, and the Meister must be physically touching their opponent for it to work. During resonation, the Meister's ability can filter down through their Weapon in order to extend their reach, but it will only work if the Weapon is physically touching their opponent.
Electrifying Soul - When they're wielding a Weapon and they achieve resonance, that Weapon is able to inflict lightning-based damage.
Feral Soul - The meister takes on animalistic tendencies the more they become angry, becoming stronger, faster, and immune to damage at the cost of their self-control and resonance. Uzumaki Naruto
Fists of the Soul - Very similar to Soul Perception, but only works when the Meister is in hand-to-hand combat with the person whose soul they are trying to see.
Foul Soul - The Meister's bad language actually causes enemies to stop and stare, unfortunately it also usually distracts/upsets fellow Meisters and Weapons.
Icy Soul - When the Meister is wielding a Weapon and achieves resonance, that Weapon is able to inflict ice-based damage. Karina Lyle
Insane Soul - The Meister is very susceptible to the Madness Wavelength, but their power is doubled when they are affected by it.
Iron Soul - the Meister is able to form a projection of their soul around themselves similar to the Soul Siege. It is not impenetrable, however, and the Meister will still take damage if hit hard enough (a normally fatal blow would just break bones), but they are able to attack from inside. This ability requires some degree of focus, and a one-star Meister cannot use it for long unless resonating with a Weapon.
Item Detection - Their ability allows them to find a specific item/person. The object in question varies from person to person.
Loopy Soul - The person is so zany and wacky that no wavelength (madness included) can affect them. Outbursts of wackiness may cause friend and foe alike to stop and gap with a mixture of awe and uncertainty.
Manly Soul - Their soul has the power to inspire confidence and morale in comrades and allies.
Melancholic Soul - Created ability: The more somber a Meister is, the faster they become. However, if the Weapon does not feel the same way, resonance becomes progressively harder to maintain. If Meister and Weapon are both in a similar state of somberness, speed gain is doubled.
Mirror Soul - The ability to appear to be someone else entirely in the eyes of the enemy for a limited amount of time (1 minute to start), during resonance. The Weapon also takes on a disguised form. However, it must be someone/something the Meister has seen before. This includes the enemy themselves. The duration of the illusion can be extended with training.
Moe Soul - Their Soul Wavelength can calm and distract their enemies.
Protective Soul - Like a mother sacrifices herself for the sake of her child, the Meister will take the damage for their Weapon, up to a critical point. This will allow the Weapon to fight for a longer period of time than they would have otherwise, but it may cause a break in resonance if the Meister sustains too much damage.
Punny Soul - When they say a bad pun, it may cause physical pain to those that hear.
Rapid Recovery - Soul Energy can be used to heal the Meister as fast as the Meister is injured. Unfortunately the more this ability is used, the less resonance between Weapon and Meister occurs (in one battle). Eventually the Meister will be unable to wield their Weapon for that battle. Eve
Reading Soul - The Meister, at higher levels, can sense external wavelengths such as Madness before they begin to affect him, and can sense changes in their output to a certain point. As such, he can prepare for arrival of Madness – but cannot prevent it from ultimately affecting him.
Scorching Soul - When they're wielding a Weapon and they achieve resonance, that Weapon is able to inflict fire based damage.
Seismic Soul - The Meister is able to use their soul to send out seismic waves to give them a slight control over the surrounding terrain
Shadow Soul - Similar to that of Feral Soul, the Meister can boost their endurance, stamina, and strength temporarily, but they will also enter a Shadow form in order to do so. In exchange for increased combative abilities and their body ignoring pain, this depletes their ability to resonate quickly as well as drains their sanity at the temporary cost of their humanity. Remaining in this state too long will risk a violent rejection between the Meister and their Weapon. However, without a Weapon, there's a risks of losing their mind and will require Calming Wavelength to recover.
Soul Adrenaline - Makes them stronger the longer they fight, like a chain combo in a video game. Fabiola Iglesias
Soul Alchemy - They are able to affect the malleability of a Weapon when wielding it, making it softer or stronger.
Soul Animate - Grants them the ability to distribute their energy into small objects to animate them. It requires utmost concentration. Sai
Soul Apathy - Their soul is unaffected by all other wavelengths, such as the madness wavelength, calming wavelength, etc.
Soul Armor - When wielding a Weapon, their endurance is doubled. They can take more damage and last longer before their exhaustion sets in.
Soul Bait - Their soul's aura attracts Kishin Eggs to it, making them far easier to find.
Soul Bandaid - The Meister is capable of healing themselves and other Meisters. This ability, like a real bandaid, can only do so much before serious wounds are overwhelmed. Wounds that are 'bandaged' by this ability stay closed and begin to heal at a rapid rate. The Meister can only maintain it on one person to start and up to three as their ability improves.
Soul Battery - This ability allows them to channel soul energy into mechanical objects to power them.
Soul Battle Cry - When they unleash a battle cry, their strength and speed are increased, but it disrupts resonance with their weapon.
Soul BFF - They will find it easier to connect with Weapons, and will have less trouble resonating than most.
Soul Bite - When they make physical contact with an enemy, they sap some of their energy. This only works if the Meister themself is making the physical contact, not their Weapon. Akiha Tohno
Soul Bleed - When injured during battle, the Meister's blood enables them to momentarily increase the power of their Weapon, along with the Meister's attack speed. This effect only occurs when the Meister is resonating with a Weapon.
Soul Blitz - They are able to kick ball-shaped manifestations of soul energy at their opponents.
Soul Boost - When wielding their weapon, their physical prowess is doubled, allowing them to move faster, hit harder, and jump higher.
Soul Cloak - The ability to meld and travel through shadows for a short time.
Soul Commune - This allows the meister to tame animals with psychic ability. They will start off being able to control 6 small-sized animals, 3 medium-sized animals, and 1 large sized animal. It will last for a duration for up to five minutes (which requires a resting period of a half hour afterwards). Summoned Witch familiars are also included in the scope of the ability. Constructed Witch familiars and Kishin eggs are not. Once they become a two star, both the count and time limit will increase. The time limits are detailed here.
Soul Consumption - After consuming large quantities a certain element (ie: fire, water, ice, etc), the meister is temporarily able to use these in battle by expelling them through their breath (think like a dragon breathing fire or any other element). The amount they can store in their body/use is fully dependent upon the strength of resonation as this ability can only be used during resonation. What they consume must be used in a relatively short period of time (there is no capability of storing and saving said element for another battle or for prolonged use). The best results can be achieved when partnering with a weapon of the same elemental properties.
Soul Contagion - Much like Electrifying and Icy Soul, Meister's soul can imbued infectious properties into their Weapon making it capable of infecting the target. Unlike the two, a contagion must exist inside the Meister. The contagion will be considerably watered down until the Meister gains more experience, hindering the infected egg in the beginning and soon reaching a point where they'll suffer full effects of whatever disease the Meister gives them. Rosalia Rossellini
Soul Coordinate - Makes group resonance of up to two teams, own included, easier.
Soul Dazzle - They are able to create a distraction using their glorious soul wavelength!!, attracting the enemy's attention to them.
Soul Defend - Their Weapon's defense is drastically increased while they are wielding it - this affects only the Weapon, not the Meister himself/herself. This enables the meister to use the weapon to block against stronger attacks, etc.
Soul Descent - When the attack is initiated, the Meister sends out a shock wave of power that knocks the opponent off their feet. The stronger the Meister, the stronger the effect and the longer it takes for the opponent to recover. The power can vary from something as weak as a small shove to knocking larger opponents off their feet.
Kanji Tatsumi
Soul Determination - They are able to take a mortal blow once and withstand it. While it does not heal them, they are given the strength to continue on in battle. Chihiro Fujisaki
Soul Disguise - This allows them to shield the nature of their soul from those with Soul Perception.
Soul Drawing - With focus, Meisters can gather strength from the willpower of nearby comrades (causing the Meister to glow both wavelength-wise and visibly) and convert it into a single powerful attack. The outlet of this attack is by pouring that energy from the Meister and through to their Weapon in order to execute the powerful blow. This ability is exhaustive to the Meister, but has no side effect on their Weapon. Not activating the strike right away can throw off resonance due to the ability progressively making it harder for the Meister to breathe.
Soul Empathy - When touching a person, whatever is important to them (or about them) will be conveyed to the Meister. Superficial emotions are accessible, but only on a basic level to begin with. One star Meisters will be able to read basic thoughts and emotions, such as whether a person is lying or not, but they will be unable to tell the reason behind it. Once the Meister reaches two star level, they will be able catch glimpses of the depths the individual person's emotions go along with surface thoughts and can begin to understand them. Three star Meisters will be able to relive actual memories relevant to the present emotional state of their Weapon, and with training, other individuals as well provided that the Meister has player permission. Mami Tomoe
Soul Excitement - The meister is able to lift the spirits of their weapon! The more excited the meister is, the better the resonance. Morgan LeFlay
Soul Experience - They are capable of performing their final soul attack, Soul Resonance, from the beginning. While their Weapon will have to train to achieve this, the Meister can use it with little effort.
Soul Fashion Sense - The meister can sense moods, energy, and soul wavelength on articles of clothing upon contact. Works best when the meister can hold the garment for a minute while concentrating and works better on items worn often. Lily Ivory
Soul Flash - When they flash them, their boobs are able to summon a blast of soul energy so bright that it can temporarily blind even those with Soul Perception.
Soul Focus - When they wield a Weapon, the Weapon becomes more focused and far more accurate.
Soul Halt - The meister can stop an enemy’s movement for up to ten seconds, seemingly stopping time. The meister needs to make a successful hit on the target, and must be resonating with a weapon.
Soul Irritate - Allows them to annoy other Meisters and Weapons to the point of disrupting their resonance. This ability is ineffective against the Holy Sword, Excalibur. Prussia
Soul Invisibility - During resonance, the meister can render himself physically invisible to the naked eye. This does not hide his soul wavelength or any noises/movement that can mark his presence, however, so individuals that are sensitive to soul wavelength (e.g., people with Soul Perception, stronger technicians, some kishin eggs and most witches) or those with keen senses would be able to notice his presence.
Soul Kekkai - They can erect a barrier in order to contain damage that occurs during a fight. Once it is taken down, the surrounding area goes back to normal with no damage whatsoever. Only the people chosen by the Meister who summons the kekkai can enter.
Soul Leader - The meister is stronger, faster, and has more stamina when leading others. Mondo Oowada
Soul Levitate - Gives them the ability to fly for a certain period of time depending on resonance.
Soul Luck - They now have natural good luck. Their hits have a better chance of striking, they have better luck with arcade claw machines, etc.
Soul Manipulate - Allows the Meister to control the target's actions for one minute for as long as eye-contact is maintained. Contact must be made with both eyes. If eye contact is broken, the ability ceases to function regardless of the minute. Light Yagami
Soul Mates - The stronger the redrom feelings for their partner, the quicker they'll be able to form their resonance attack. The stronger the blackrom feelings for their partner, the stronger their attacks will be but the resonance will eventually break. All feelings must be requited.
Soul Menace (Force) - The meister is able to drive their soul wavelength into their opponent like a physical strike, able to cause pain and internal damage. Only a select number of people can use this technique, and it will need to be honed through a great amount of practice.
Soul Momentum - When resonance is achieved, the Meister's focused state of mind causes their Weapon's focus and attack power to slowly increase over time. Attacking unleashes the built-up energy and returns the Weapon to their initial state.
Soulmyeyesareuphere - Their boobs soul has the ability to distract boobs and throw off resonance and enemy attacks/spells. Also boobs.
Soul OCD - The more something becomes disorganized, the stronger they get but with the added affect of resonance going down.
Soul Panacea - Allows the Meister to passively heal nearby allies at the cost of being unable to use offensive abilities.
Soul Paralyze - It renders the enemy temporarily unable to act until eye-contact is broken. Contact must be made with both eyes.
Soul Perception - Outlined here. Death the Kid
Franken Stein
Maka Albarn
Soul Phase - They will be able to walk through any inanimate object as long as they are resonating with a weapon.
Soul Portal - Able to use up soul energy to create small portals that can deflect hostile attacks. Only two may be created at once: one to take in, one to spit out. The ability can be used only as long as the Meister's energy can last. Improving resonance allows the pair more control over the ability, and can improve its capabilities. In addition, the better the resonance and the more advanced the level of Meister, the larger and further away the portals can be made.

The portals can only be created and used to randomly redirect hostile attacks through resonating with a Weapon until the Meister hits two-star. Once the Meister hits two-star, he/she can create small portals to redirect hostile or friendly attacks wherever desired, at a higher cost of his/her energy, and can begin to use this ability independent of a paired Weapon. A three-star Meister will be able to travel through the portals they've created.
Soul Precognition - When in battle they have the potential to see a short amount of time forward and read the moves and attacks of enemies. Mihael "Mello" Keehl
Soul Protect - While it does not hide them physically, this skill will temporarily shield the presence of their soul wavelength.
Soul Rage - When they become angered, the Meister and Weapon's offensive strength becomes tripled, but it becomes harder to maintain their resonance.
Soul Rainbow - This ability allows the meister to resonate with every weapon to a certain extent. The meister will not be able to bring out the weapon's full potential unless they are a true match, however, even if the weapon has already unlocked that potential with another meister.
Soul Recluse - They are able to sense and seek out peaceful places in which to retreat to safety.
Soul Repair - They are capable of healing Weapons by concentrating their soul wavelength.
Soul Repel - Their soul wavelength repels Kishin Eggs, making the meister and weapon less likely to be targeted by kishin eggs in large-scale battles.
Soul Retreat - They can create a temporary 'image' of themselves and their Weapon to allow for a speedy escape.
Soul Ritual - Allows the Meister to place their target under a state of hypnosis for one minute. Contact must be made with both eyes and the effect is only active while contact is maintained. Once control is ended/broken, the target forgets that the hypnosis has occurred. Note that the hyposis does not include being able to implant ideas into the mind of the victim, and thus will not have lasting effects. Hyoubu Kyousuke
Soul Saviour - Simply put, the Meister's own desire to save and free corrupted/suffering souls is translated into the ability to seek them out and soothe them. They give their Weapon a soothing or purifying effect, and their abilities rely strongly on their ability to empathize. They are especially reliant on their Weapon sharing or at least not conflicting with their desires.
  • Kishin Eggs will be attracted to the Meister, and they will feel called to each other. The Meister's presence can even drive them into a frenzy, making them more difficult to fight.
  • Similar to Meister abilities giving their Weapons elemental effects, the Meister's weapon will take on a purifying or calming quality ("holy" or exorcising in a loose sense, imparting that empathy and caring). A final blow to Kishin Eggs/beings suffering from Madness would feel calming or freeing rather than painful. (Like so: 1, 2.) A soul suffering from Madness could be calmed, but it would depend on the Meister's own strength and level relative to it.
  • While having no additional sight, they are sensitive to souls affected by Madness and Kishin Eggs, and with training and practice could sense them and their emotional states much like radar or a dim aura. A one star Meister might only be able to sense general direction and agitation of such a soul within roughly eyesight distance, whereas with training a strongly resonating three star Meister might be able to sense and track such souls within a 3km radius. The risk is the darker and stronger the emotional state of the corrupted soul, the more adverse that empathetic bond can be on the Meister, as it's not something they can shut off.
  • A two or three strar Meister is naturally more resistant to the Madness wavelength, including their Weapon if resonating, but it is not immunity and it could require intense concentration and be draining to fight it if it's strong enough.
  • Everything hinges on the Meister's own, continued desire to save the soul. Without it, their Soul Saviour abilities might fluctuate, backfire, or not even work at all. When resonating, this also means their Weapon's desires at least shouldn't conflict with the Meister's own, and mutual empathy would help strengthen them.

They have no additional abilities against normal humans. They exist solely for Kishin Eggs and a counter to Madness.
Soul Scent - Can sense the presence of Souls via scent. Kishin eggs are incredibly pungent, while Witches smell like that of their animal association.
Soul Seal - The meister is able to surround a target ally with the shape of their soul. The shell hardens and becomes impenetrable, disallowing attacks from without and within for as long as the casting meister remains conscious, thus forcing the enemy to deal with the casting meister first.
Soul Serenade - The better they sing while resonating, the stronger they are.
Soul Shatterpoint - The meister can discern the weaknesses of the enemy on sight. The meister has to focus on the enemy for a few seconds before the ability can be triggered, and the ability can only work against weaker enemies. At meister level 1, the meister will only be able to scan 1-star kishin eggs, progressing to lower witches and stronger kishin eggs at level 2, and witches at level 3.
Soul Ship - In the mind of the Meister, the greater the shipping ability between the allies fighting alongside them, the more powerful this ability becomes with increasing the potential for group resonance. However, if the allies fighting with the Meister are non-compatible, this ability instead disrupts and breaks any attempt of achieving group resonance.
Soul Shock - A variant of Soul Menace, a meister that possesses Soul Shock has the ability to channel their soul wavelength through the weapon in their hands to strike an opponent from a distance. The damage type and damage amount varies with level of synchronization, the weapon being used, and the user’s proficiency with that weapon. With greater mastery and high synchronization, this ability also extends special weapon attacks as well.
Soul Siege - They are able to surround themselves with the shape of their soul and harden it into an impenetrable form - however, they cannot attack from inside it either.
Soul Sixth Sense - The Meister has the ability to sense where battles have been waged, how many died, how many human souls were eaten (if it was a Kishin Egg doing the killing) or how many Kishin Egg souls were eaten.
Soul Sleep - Sleeping allows the meister to recover twice as fast from injuries.
Soul Space - Allows the meister to shrink and grow their weapon's size. The smaller the size, the faster they can move but their power is reduced. The larger the size, the slower they move but their power is increased.
Soul Speak - They have the ability to communicate their thoughts and speak telepathically to others. After strengthening their soul they will be able to pick up on some stray thoughts of others, with player permission. Emotions, they will be allowed to lightly feel only when resonating with a partner.
Soul Splinter - A one-star Meister will be able to produce a spectral copy of themselves only while resonating with a Weapon. This copy will have the same capability of the Meister, however, it will be spectral looking in nature and will disappear the moment an attack lands on the image. At level two, the Meister can produce a weakened corporeal copy of themselves without needing to resonate with a Weapon, but the copies created outside of resonation will only last for three minutes or until damaged. This second level, during resonation, can withstand a number of attacks (provided that the attack isn't a deathblow or mortally wounding) while also being able to copy the same moves the Meister is capable of performing. A three-star Meister will be able to create an exact copy of themselves both in and out of resonation that will last until given a mortal blow. The copy can be dispelled by the Meister if no such attack is given. If not dispelled, the copy would continue feeding of off the Meister's energy until they have become too exhausted to move.
Soul Static - Whenever they are within close proximity of a corrupted soul, Kishin, or witch their soul reacts and the Meister will hear 'static,' louder depending on how close said corrupted soul is. This is not in effect if the offending source is using Soul Protect.
Soul Steal - They are able to mimic their enemy's abilities for a short amount of time. When resonating with a Weapon, the time is extended.
Conditions for Soul Stealing:
1. They can only mimic the ability of meisters at their current level. Witch abilities will be open to them only if they become a three-star meister.
2. They need to witness a demonstration of the ability from start to finish, or have it used on them (provided that they survive).
3. They may only use the ability once (more than once if with a weapon, depending on level of resonance).
4. They do not retain the ability. If they need to use it a second time, they will need to fulfill the second condition again.
5. They can 'store' a copied meister ability for up to 24 hours, after which they need to either use it or it will be forfeited.
Soul Summon - It will allow them to summon their partner (provided it is cleared by other Mun) to their side no matter where they are. Raidou Kuzunoha
Soul Talk - When triggered, he has the ability in such a way that it inspires or convinces the soul of something. Works better in crowds. Miles Edgeworth
Soul Teleport - They can shift through the environment, with one catch - they have to have seen the area before. They can only go short distances at first, and when resonating with a Weapon, they can teleport farther.
Soul Tracking - Meister uses Soul Energy to get a basic feeling of where an individual is located by feeling out their soul. Effectiveness depends on how well she knows the individual.
Soul Transform - They have the ability to transform their Weapon into another type of Weapon - however, they will not be able to choose the form (at least at the beginning).
Soul Trap - Their wavelength is able to cause a bout of mass confusion in the opponent, making it difficult for them to fight back and even possibly cause pain to themselves.
Soul Trump - When things look grave, they are able to give their Weapon a boost of power.
Soul Tsundere - They produce a wavelength that will slightly obscure their soul, but make it harder for them to resonate with others. However, when they do resonate with their weapons, their physical prowess is doubled.
Soul Undercurrent - This ability enables the Meister to imbue any liquids within a 3m radius with the energy of their own soul, allowing them a small amount of control over them. The amount of control increases with the time the liquid is exposed to the influence of the Meister and on how much liquid they try to control.
Soul Wild Card - This ability allows the Meister to have multiple abilities at their disposal; however, it is completely at random, meaning that they would not have control over what ability they will use. Minako Arisato
Sakura Kinomoto
Terror Wavelength - the Meister’s soul stretches out like a bubble around them. Those inside the field of wavelength become susceptible to their worst fears becoming a reality. At first the wavelength is only strong enough to cause that fear to surface at the back of their minds to give them moments of doubt or pause, but as the Meister grows, so does the strength and intensity of the wavelength until all those within the affected area find their worst fears becoming a reality.
Turbo Soul - When wielding a Weapon, they can move twice as fast as usual.
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