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With endgame approaching, applications are now permanently closed!
All applications for the June 25th application cycle have been replied to. If you have not received an email from the application account, please contact us immediately.

This functions as a reserves page, but there are no holds. If you're completely sure about wanting to join the game, post here and let us know so we can get excited and you can meet casts/current players!

  • You may only app one character per app session.

  • PROCESSING means we have received that player's app. If it is blank then an app has yet to be submitted by that player.

  • We will erase the list after each monthly app cycle.

  • If you are already a player at Soul Campaign, in order to app:
    A second character you must have passed activity check the previous month.
    For third and fourth characters you must have passed the two previous activity checks.

  • In case of challenge apps, the mods will judge both applications objectively and choose the better application. However, if we like the application of the other person well enough, we will give them a chance to apply for somebody else in the same app cycle.

  • If you change your mind about your reserve, let us know so we can remove it from the list.

  • Please submit early if you can. It helps us lessen the reading load by the time cut off rolls around and gives us a more accurate estimate of how many applications to expect.

The Application Mods
Soul Campaign's applications are judged by a group of people who have agreed to help the normal SC mods during our application cycles. They function as helper mods whose sole function has to do with apps and helping out in its processes. They read all the applications in the application Gmail account, and provide their valuable input to help the SC mods process applications faster. Please note that the final decision on applications are still up to the SC mods, that all the applications are read by at least a few mods each, and that all acceptances are released by the SC mods themselves -- which makes all the SC mods part of the app mods, too. A current list of mods can be found here.

Please copy and paste the following:

June Reserves

Axis Powers Hetalia
Canada - [personal profile] thegogglesdonothing - PROCESSING
Cuba - [personal profile] hamiltonian - PROCESSING
Prussia - [personal profile] teto - PROCESSING

Black Lagoon
Fabiola Iglesias - [personal profile] caffeinate - PROCESSING

Hunter X Hunter
Kurapika - [personal profile] lynffles - PROCESSING

Character - [personal profile] username

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