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Mission System and Rules

[ Mission Systems and Rules | Mission Board | Mission Suggestions and Requests | Soul Tally | Old Missions ]


The mission board is supported by the information acquired by the Shibusen Records Office.

There will be a listed time period on each mission. During this, your characters can't pick up any more missions until they have finished their mission for the day - by laws of physics, they can’t be in two places at the same time. So if the mission will take two days, the players have to wait for two in-game days before they can take up another mission.

Mission dates should be treated the same way as day change. You may reserve a mission up to three days in advance, but you may only put up the log or summary on the date itself. You may not reserve more than one mission at a time.

Mission-pacing. Shibusen recommends no more than one to two missions per character per in-game week, and missions should be spaced in three to four-day intervals. This applies to characters with regular or multiple partners. Please note: Game-wide event missions do not count towards mission activity.

Traveling will be through Shinigami's mirror. For places that are outside of Death City and its immediate area, that is. A one-way mirror has also been set up in the Communal clinic for your characters that get injured on the field. The mirror only allows you to deposit the character directly inside the clinic, and it cannot be used as transport for anywhere else. Missions are a good way to travel the world without paying for transport, and Death Dollars are accepted anywhere. Shibusen won't begrudge you of a few side trips and exploration if you finish your mission early.

Communication. The communicators have a certain range, and also some sensitivity to the madness wavelength. Unless your characters are in a mission in Nevada, they are considered cut off from Death City via the communicators until they come back. The communicators in the same area will still work with each other, though: For example if a group of ten pairs go to England to clean up a castle, all ten pairs will be able to communicate with each other via the phone feature, but not with the Death City network.

Keep in mind, however, that they are traveling through the mirrors. The communicators will start working better if near one of them and it is possible to force a connection with DEMISE at this time. And you never know what else you can pick up...

Partners only unless stated otherwise. Some missions will need more than a pair of partners, too, which will be indicated in the mission's requirements.

Kishin egg NPCs. You are free to NPC your own kishin eggs.There are kishin egg NPCs available to you. Please contact the NPCs if needed.

Investigation Missions

Investigation missions are missions taken for the purpose of acquiring information to help in the war effort to explain any strange happenings in the world. The Mission System is NOT applied to investigation mission successes or failures; instead, the mission findings are pre-determined for every mission, which the players will find out upon claiming the mission. An example of an investigation mission:

(*) - A disturbance in the Vatican City has been causing the population there some alarm. Investigate these nightly noises and report the results to the Shibusen. Send a meister/weapon pair or an unpartnered pair to investigate. The mission will take one day, and has a reward of 1500D$.

The mod will then reply:

Your investigations lead to the discovery of a nest of humans inflicted with madness. They come out during the night to howl to the moon.

There will be instances where investigation missions may yield kishin egg battles and plot-related discoveries. Should that be the case, the mod in charge will ask you for options (for example: Run or fight?) and the rewards are adjusted accordingly.

All investigation missions need to be logged. All results will be reported to Shibusen, but can be considered a handwaved event.

Mission System

To retain a realistic feel to the missions that can be taken from the Mission Board, mission successes and failures are decided by modifiers and a random 20-sided dice (d20) roll.

Please note that the player does NOT have to go through these calculations, since it is the mod that will be doing all of these calculations and rolls in the player's stead from the data we have in the Soul Tally and Mission Board. Like the old system, players only need to claim a mission and wait for the result from the mod before logging or submitting a summary. However, we will explain the mission system below:

Meisters receive a modifier (aka bonus points) according to the number of missions they have succeeded in, depending on the mission's level. One and two-star missions give one to three and two to three (1-3 or 2-3) points each respectively, while three-star missions give three (3) points each. Not all Nevada missions will give points to meisters, but those that do will have it indicated in the mission board.

Weapons receive a modifier according to the kishin egg souls that they have eaten, which is listed on the soul tally page.

Their modifiers are calculated per character, so a meister can have a separate modifier from his weapon and both will be considered for the total.

1 - 10 mission points (Meister)/kishin eggs eaten (Weapon) = +1
11 - 20 = +2
21 - 30 = +3
31 - 40 = +4
41 - 50 = +5
51 - 60 = +6
61 - 70 = +7
71 - 80 = +8
81 - 90 = +9
91 - 99 = +10

Upon taking a mission, the mod in charge of missions will roll a d20 using a random generator ( The results of this dice will be added to the modifier of both meister and weapon as a pair.

For example, a meister who has succeeded in 13 one-star missions will receive a +2 modifier, while a weapon that has eaten 8 eggs will have a +1 modifier. The mod rolls a 12, which will become 12 + 2 + 1 = 15.

* For one-star missions, the target total should fall between 15 and 20 to constitute a MISSION SUCCESS.

* For two-star missions, since there will be four modifiers in total (two pairs of meisters and weapons each), the target total is at least a 20.

* For the occasional two-star missions undertaken by only one pair, the target total is at least an 18. However, Meisters/Weapons are typically not prepared for two-star missions until they've reached at least 30 points/souls. The Records Office will be checking!

* Three-star missions are usually delegated as game plot, and will be considered a success or failure depending on pre-determined plot.

Some of the missions themselves will have modifiers ranging from +3 to -3 depending on mission easiness/difficulty or certain character abilities, which will be added (or subtracted in the case of harder missions) to the total of the dice roll and meister+weapon modifiers. Missions with no modifiers are considered as 0.

Continuing the previous example: If the mission has a +1 difficulty, the count will become 12 + 2 + 1 +1 = 16. If the mission has a -1 difficulty, the count will become 12 + 2 + 1 -1 = 14.

Some missions will also have modifiers more specific to character abilities or situations. This can be anything from advantage given to meisters will Soul Apathy, weapons with long range, or even smaller things like physical appearance. Please indicate in the sign up if your character benefits from mission-specific bonuses. While we can keep track of most of the numbers, we won’t know your characters’ available capabilities unless you indicate it.

All one and two-star missions involving a Shibusen NPC will automatically succeed.

If a pair fails a mission, they will automatically succeed in the next mission, as long as the next mission is the same level as the failed one. This applies to one-star to one-star missions only. Two-star missions often mean having another pair in the mission with you, so the automatic pass will not count. In effect, a pair cannot fail two missions in a row. The mods will keep track of this, so there’s no need to worry about it.

Missions that fail will become open to the mission board again, but usually harder than when they started; entire mission sets may be affected by this. For example, if the characters fail a mission in the mission set #888 with a modifier of -1, it will be open again with no changes to its difficulty. On the second failure, it becomes a mission with a modifier of -2. On a third failure, it becomes a mission with a modifier of -3. On a fourth failure, it will become a two-star mission.

While meisters do not necessarily take the same missions as the kishin eggs as their weapons eat, not all missions have kishin egg rewards either, which should balance the modifiers well enough.

Automatic Pass Missions

As a way to help train their students and other volunteer technicians, Shibusen also releases some missions that are easier than usual that these people can take.

The mission boards have a number of automatic pass missions that partners can take. These missions do not require any dice roll, do not have a difficulty rating, and can be taken an unlimited number of times by partners, as long as at least one person in the partnership has accumulated less than a +3 modifier (not more than 30+ kishin egg souls or meister points). This means, for example, that a pair where one is at a +3 can still use the mission to buff up their +1 partner.

* If the meister is at +3, they can no longer gain points from the autopass mission. Their expertise is already too great to gain any benefit from an easy mission.
* If the weapon is at +3, they can no longer gain souls from the autopass mission. They no longer benefit from the kishin egg souls and are asked to donate it to the Shibusen bank for weaker students (as padding for multiple participants in large-scale operations).

Log Requirements

Logs are optional for one-star missions. However, players can only hand-wave two out of every three missions per character before one will be required to log. Please note: Game-wide event missions do not count towards mission activity. A detailed summary of how the mission would have gone is required from the players if they opt to not log the mission. Please post the summary here in the mission board. The partner of the character who claimed the mission should post the summary here. For example, if Maka claims the mission, then Soul (her partner) posts the summary.

All investigation missions and missions two-stars up require logs. Action or prose are acceptable. Just put up a log in [community profile] soul_logs no later than one in-game day after claiming the mission. (If you take a mission on the 12th in-game day, the log has to be up by the 13th at the latest.) If not, the mission will be marked as available again for other people to claim.

A log will only be counted towards the soul tally when all those involved have replied with three tags each. There needs to be two comments from the original poster, and three from any character replying to the log. Any logs that are posted to the Soul Tally page that do not meet this requirement will not receive a soul and the mission will become available for another pair.

If a log has been posted for a mission, and it has gone without comments for more than two weeks, the mission will be considered dropped and will become available again.

Tag the mission log with !mission.

There will be no exceptions to these rules.

Requirement Summary:

★-star missions: NPC representative from Shibusen are optional. Kishin egg NPC optional for logs. Logs optional (see: LOG REQUIREMENTS).

★★-star missions: NPC representative from Shibusen optional to join you in the log unless otherwise specified. Characters are free to ask NPCs to join them -- Shibusen professors will be considered one pair, even if they come alone. Some missions may require more than one meister/weapon pair. Kishin egg NPC optional for logs. Log required (see: LOG REQUIREMENTS).

★★★-star missions: Requirements vary from mission to mission and will be detailed as they come.

Investigation missions: Logs are required.

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