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Can I play a character from Soul Eater? )

How many characters can I app? )

What happened to my abilities? )

What kind of abilities can my character keep in Soul Campaign? )

What kind of abilities are lost in Soul Campaign? )

What happened to my weapons? )

What happens to dropped characters? )

I'd like to app someone from a game not released in America/a spoiler character. Am I allowed to do so? )

Is it possible to apply for a character in neither the role of a meister OR a weapon? )

I want to app a character with a separate personality, but it seems like these two personalities are two different people. So do I app them together or can I only app one? )

Will I be notified about rejection through email or another form of contact? )

I want to apply for someone with a sentient weapon with no human form. Is this allowed? )

If a character is taken post-death, will they still have whatever they died from? Assuming that it could kill them again if they did. )

My character doesn't have a soul! Can I still apply? )

Can a character be taken post-canon? )

Can we edit our apps after we submit them? )

My character has a pet/mascot creature? Can he/she bring it along? )

Can I canon update my character? )

My character is blind, missing organs, or have debilitating illnesses. Can I still app? )

Do you accept characters from webcomics? )

Can my character have more than one weapon form? )

Can death be forced on a character? )

What happens when characters die? )

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Several plots that have been used in Soul Campaign were originally player ideas! So we, at Soul Campaign, encourage players to contact the moderator team if they have a plot they would like to work with! Although we can't guarantee that we'll use all of them, we will do whatever we can to incorporate them into our storyline. This includes character death, mission suggestions (or requests!), NPC related events, player-driven ideas, or something similar!

So if you have a plot, idea, or suggestion that you would like to work out, please e-mail the mods at soulcampaign[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Mar. 1st, 2010 12:33 pm
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This is an anon-enabled public HMD for those who have something to suggest in the bimonthly, community-locked HMDs but want to do it in anon.

Every HMD period, we will be putting up two threads in this post: POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE. You may reply in anon to either one. They will be screened at the end of the HMD period (until the 10th of the month). New ones will be put up per HMD period. IP logging has been disabled temporarily until HMD period is over.

Note that we will take this post down, screen it, or freeze threads if it's abused. Please stay civil!

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