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Soul Eater Character Application

SE Cast Directory | SE Character Applications and Taken

Soul Eater Canon Character Applications, Terms and Conditions, Taken List

First of all:

Note that you may apply for any of the Soul Eater canon character (SE character) at any time of the month and they do not count towards your maximum character slot or application cycle. As of August 2012, proof of prior in-game activity is no longer required.

A player may have more than one SE character as long as activity checks are completed and the characters are not frequently required to directly interact with each other (e.g., Maka and Soul). Exceptions to this rule are those specifically listed together (e.g., Crona & Ragnarok, Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder).

In addition, all canonly partnered characters may have godmode rights if there is no available player for the other character. So for example, the player for Maka can assume that Soul is around and "control" the character for limited purposes, such as training or fighting.


1. What's the difference between applying a Soul Eater character and any other character? i.e., why the separate process?

Due to the nature of Soul Campaign's premise use of the Soul Eater canon, the canon characters are treated slightly differently than those applied from different canons. The SE characters are more involved and may be integral to certain game plots, thus the players become more like a special group who will have more knowledge of what will happen than other players. In addition, if a player drops the character, the character will remain in the game and assumed to be out on missions or other Shibusen related duties.

2. As a player, do I have any extra responsibilities?

As mentioned above, because the SE characters are more integral to the premise, they will have more involved roles at various times. However, these usually involve helping participate in the Introduction Logs and any particular mission that may involve the character. The only characters that will have more involvement than the rest of the cast are Death the Kid and Spirit Albarn. These two will have more mod involvement due to their rank in game. Stein and Azusa are also in this category but their roles are still slightly lesser. Players of these characters must be aware that mods may ask for assistance and will likely have to participate in more game plots the rest of the cast. They may also be asked to make certain game plot/mission related posts. Those listed under the "Special Conditions" category are also subjected to more mod involvement as they are key characters to the game's plot.

3. So what can I do with this character? Do I have special privileges?

The character is left to the player to decide what to do. We actually encourage players to play the character like any other and even work on developing them and interacting with the rest of the game base. They should not be treated like standard NPCs. Although they may be needed at times, the player is still free to come up with plots and other things with the character so long as it does not interfere with the game plot—just like any other character plot.

We are also working on a few new things to help SE character players get more involved and find more things to do with their character. In addition to the usual missions, there will also be special Co-op missions that could be made available. These missions would involve one SE pair and one guest pair from the gamebase. These missions can vary from standard field missions to something as mundane to errand running. As an SE player, you can also devise your own co-op mission, with mod approval.

Another possibility is a mentor program where the SE character can help overlook and train the guest characters. This could be random or specifically chosen.

The above will be optional for the player, but highly encouraged.


1. Only players who have not hit the maximum character limit (4) can apply for SE characters. In other words, only players with three or less characters can. The only exception to this rule are kishin egg applicants and those temporarily handling minor SE characters.

SE characters don't count towards a player's maximum slot, meaning that you can still have four characters outside of the SE characters. However, we require that players applying should not yet have reached their maximum character limit when picking up a character. Activity is important for an SE character, and this is a measure for us to make sure that players can be active with them. You can max out your character slots after, but your activity with the character will be counted for application requirements regarding activity check.

2. Players not in the game may also apply.

For players who are interested in picking up an SE character and aren't in the game already, we will allow those players to apply for the character positions. However, while the application can be sent in (and reviewed by the mods) at any time, the application requirement for these players will require both first and third person samples in addition to the original application.

3. Players will have to complete the required Activity Check every month.

The required number of proofs to pass an activity check are specified in the table below. Not all SE characters have required activity checks, and some only require one instead of the usual two.

4. Mods will have the passwords to their accounts and secondary playing rights in case the primary player hiatuses or drops without notice.

Although as much as possible, we will try not to meddle with how you play your character. This is mostly so that we can make sure that character duties do not get abandoned in case of unexpected hiatuses or drops.

5. Players can temporarily play an SE character, provided that the character is minor in the Soul Eater canon.

Since April 2011, we began allowing players in the game to temporarily play minor characters in Soul Eater in case they are needed for player plots or in-game plots (events or intro logs). They will not need to fill up activity check requirements, but they will need to indicate the duration of how long they want the character.

6. Players need to be familiar with either the manga or anime canon of Soul Eater. At least enough to know what is generally going on, or how the world of Soul Eater works.

To be an effective player, you must know about the canon. As Soul Campaign is set after the anime version, knowledge of the anime is recommended. We do not need you to know every detail about the canon, but at least the main plot and events that occurred.

Character Name Required Proof for Activity Check Player
Death the Kid, aka Shinigami Two proofs of AC Ami
Spirit Albarn Two proofs of AC Available
Franken Stein Two proofs of AC Available
Azusa Yumi Two proofs of AC Available
Marie Mjolnir One proof of AC Available
Justin Law One proof of AC Available
Sid Barret One proof of AC Available
Mira Nygus One proof of AC
Maka Albarn One proof of AC Available
Soul One proof of AC Available
Black*Star One proof of AC Caleb
Tsubaki One proof of AC Available
Liz Thompson One proof of AC Available
Patti Thompson One proof of AC Available
Crona & Ragnarok One proof of AC Available
Ox Ford One proof of AC Available
Kilik Lunge One proof of AC Available
Kim Diehl One proof of AC Available
Jacqueline O Lantern One proof of AC Available
Harvar D Eclair One proof of AC Available
Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder One proof of AC Available
Hiro One proof of AC Available
Blair the Cat One proof of AC Available
Excalibur n/a Available
Mifune One proof of AC Available
Angela n/a Available
Cybele* (OC)
created by the mods for game plot purposes only
Two proofs of AC Ozzy
Medusa n/a Various mods
Eruka n/a Available
Free n/a Available
Giriko n/a Available
Kishin Eggs
The journal [personal profile] kishinegg will be shared between Kishin Egg players. Refer to this for rules/guidelines.
n/a Various, to be listed:

* SOUL EATER NOT characters are also welcome to apply.

How to Reserve

Though this probably won't be too much of an issue, to prevent potential confusion we request anyone who plans on applying for an SE character to leave a "reserve" here! But we do have a few rules:
  1. As one can apply for the character at any time of the month, the reserve will last for one week.
  2. There are no automatic renewals. You will have to wait three days before you can place a reserve again.
  3. You can only reserve one SE character a time.
  4. The reserve will not fully guarantee that you will have the character. Should someone else place in an application, we will wait until the reserve runs out before processing it. If there is more than one, we will choose the better application.
  5. In that same vein, no reserve challenges. Like all standard reservations, first come, first serve.

Still interested? Then fill out this form and comment! It will be screened, but we will unscreen all reserve comments and list the reserve on the table for immediate reference with the end date.

How to Apply

All applications are screened.

Just fill this form out.

Name: Your name, as you have listed in the contact page.
Who do you play: Your current characters.
Who are you applying for: The character you want to play.
Why do you want this character?: As stated.
What's your take on this character and how do you intend to play him/her?: This is basically the personality section of the application. Show us how well you know the character and how the game's premise may affect the character's development, if at all. Remember! Soul Campaign is based on the ANIME version of Soul Eater, not the manga. So please refrain from using manga development in this section (though you are more than welcome to play it out once in game). Kishin egg applications may skip this if they like.

For players NOT already in Soul Campaign:
First Person Sample:
A simple network type post that should be more dialogue than action bracket based.

Third Person Sample:
This should be at least three paragraphs depicting the character in Soul Campaign's premise. It could be either in Death City or somewhere out on a mission, but most of all it should show us how you will play the character.

For temporary players only:
Duration of Use/What the character is needed for: Explain where the character will be used and for what purpose.

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