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Updated as of January 7, 2012.

How Are Soul Campaign Applications Evaluated?

A guideline for beta-readers and applicants

The SC Application is designed to allow players the opportunity to display their command of the character applied for and their understanding of relevant Soul Campaign game concepts. As a result, application evaluation focuses primarily on player grasp of character and game-specific alterations.

What to look for in a History Section?
Does the link provided give the character's whole available canonical history? If it does not, does the applicant attempt to provide the missing information relevant to the character's canon point? Does the site appear reputable: more based on canon, less based on fan-only interpretation? Use your judgement to determine if the link is enough. This section is meant to be easy, so don't spend too long on it.

Important to note: ensure that the wording used on the link does not appear In the Personality Section. While this can happen accidentally, others may interpret it as plagiarism. Given how LJ tends to vehemently react to plagiarism, this is not attention your applicant wants to attract.

What to look for in a Personality Section?
Does the writing give you a firm idea of what motivates the character? Does it outline what drives the character and how that character may react to various situations?

Is the major focus of the section on the personality of the character, not the history? Are the historical examples short and to the point? Do they relate directly to showcasing the character's personality? Does the applicant avoid long story-telling narrations and stick to the analysis?

Look out for the character's strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. Be certain that any not covered in Personality get placed in the following Abilities and Weaknesses sections.

Important to note: Make sure what is written in the Personality is reflected in the later sections, especially in the samples. People sometimes forget how important the Samples can be in tipping the scale, but Samples are of the same importance as Personality.

What to look for in a Soul Campaign Section (sans Meister/Weapon Section)?
Is the information reflected in this section consistent with the information found in the Character Info section? Does the applicant remove all restricted powers according to the rules found in the Guidelines for the SC Section? Does the applicant give a generally convincing argument for why BREW chose their character?

What to look for in a Meister/Weapon Section?
Does the reasoning behind the choice for Weapon or Meister make sense given the written personality of the character? OOC reasons, such as provoking character development through this choice, are also encouraged and accepted.

What to look for overall?
Consistency and clarity. Reviewers will first read the Personality and History link to get an image of the character, then check the rest of the application against that image. The reason Personality is so important is that it is constantly referred back to through the rest of the application. If the latter sections or even the History provide a different image from what was delivered in the Personality section, something is wrong.

"Do’s and Don’ts"

Do make the applicant as comfortable as possible. You aren’t there to judge the applicants, but to guide them and share with them your knowledge of the game.

Do explain to the applicants that the beta process is not a deciding factor in their application; it is not a mandatory or even necessary part of the application. Instead, this is a chance for them to find out more about Soul Campaign and tailor their application to reflect more of what they hope to gain from and contribute to the game.

Do convey respect for each applicant, along with the message that Soul Campaign is a great place with a lot to offer. This applies even to applicants who may not particularly impress you, as sometimes the qualities for which the Moderators may admit a player may not be evident to you during the beta process.

Do have thoughtful discussions with the applicant. Always remember that we, as players, represent the Soul Campaign community and our views can be misinterpreted as those of the game. The beta process should not be used to test, challenge, persuade, dissuade, debate, or confront the applicant. This is especially true for sensitive topics such as character interpretation.

Don’t write the application for the applicant. Allow each applicant the space and opportunity for self-expression in the process without censorship.

Don’t discuss the candidate’s chances of admission or criticize other games.

Don’t feel you have to give every applicant a "Soul Campaign wants you" message; this may unfairly raise expectations.

Don’t spend the entire beta process reminiscing about your good times in Soul Campaign, but feel free to briefly share your experiences and discuss facets of the Soul Campaign experience which may be especially well suited to the applicant.