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Application Reference Guide

Updated as of Jan 7, 2012.

This document will contain some information and guidelines that will help applicants fill out the application form. We put it here so that the application form doesn't have to be so cluttered.

Guidelines for the SC Section

Soul Campaign adheres, more or less, to real world physics with some leeway to allow for manga shenanigans. As long as what the character can do is reasonably possible in the real world, we will allow the character to keep it as an ability. If your character has mastered all of the martial arts in the world, is a superb athlete, can hack like a boss, has the pain threshold of a brick wall, or can out-think a conventional computer, that’s fine.

What don’t we want in the game? Abilities that defy physics: running fast enough to walk on water or disappear from sight, healing from major injuries overnight, leaping atop of buildings in a single bound… These will all have to go, even if your character’s canon plays off such abilities as commonplace and every day.

However, as Meisters and Weapons are naturally gifted and have the potential for extraordinary feats, especially during resonance, we don’t want to reduce every character to ordinary human levels. Instead, all superhuman characters entering Soul Campaign will be adjusted down to the approximate level of an Olympic-level athlete in order to create a more level playing field fitting with Soul Eater canon.

The general rule is…

… anything caused by magic/powers/supernatural endowments via equipment will be removed: if your character doesn’t age because of a magical artefact, that ability will be gone, as will other similar powers.

… innate physical abilities attributed to birth or genetic modification will be weakened to the approximate level of those of an Olympic-level athletes. For example, if your character is a genetic hybrid bred to possess preternatural healing, their healing rate will remain faster than the norm, but will not be as superhumanly fast.

… items other than weapons can be kept so long as all their special effects, weaponry, poisons, magic, and so on are removed. In short, they will become ordinary items in Soul Campaign.

We hope this has helped. If you’re still not sure about what is to be adjusted or kept, you can contact the mod team through the mod e-mail and we’ll do our best to help you.

Weapon Guidelines

First thing’s first: you can not add to or modify this section later without e-mailing the mods for permission, so we suggest being detailed in this section.

Choosing your character’s weapon form:
A Weapon’s form doesn’t have to be a conventional weapon or a weapon that your character uses in canon. Feel free to be creative! You can choose a form based on their personality, abilities, or quirks. We appreciate detailed descriptions of the weapon form, but images are fine too.

Don’t forget to explain your choice, especially if the weapon form is very complicated!

Some Restrictions:
Weapons may not have more than a single form. They may fold up or alter their original shape slightly, but such modifications will be scrutinised closely before allowed.

Weapons may only be a single contiguous piece; it’s alright if several pieces are connected by a string, rope, or chain, but they may not fully separate—this would mean literally cutting the body in half!

Characters who take a gun or projectile weapon form may not partially transform. (See below.)

Choosing your character’s ability:
Weapons may have one special ability that is separate from the usual enhancements available to partners via resonance (see below). This unique ability should be simple but flexible in nature and should give you some leeway to be creative with its use.

Possible abilities include but are not limited to physical attacks, elemental attacks, enhancements, status effects, and recovery prowess. Players are encouraged to design their own abilities, but all abilities are subject to mod approval. Don’t worry, we’ll make our own suggestions and revisions if we feel that the ability is incomplete, overpowering, or just doesn’t make sense in the game.

In the beginning, these abilities may be unreliable and difficult to control. For this section, please mention some initial limitations that your character will experience while they are at this basic level. These limitations will lessen as the weapons grows with a partner, gains experience, and just overall becomes more BAMF.

What won’t work:
Applying for mental damage, mental control, or summoning abilities. They don’t fit within the context of the setting.
Applying for abilities that are specifically attuned to harming or dominating fellow human beings. While not disallowed, it is important for players to keep in mind that the primary enemies in Soul Eater are supernaturally endowed Witches and Kishin Egg monsters, not run-of-the-mill people.

What all Weapons are capable of (aka you don’t have to worry about putting this in their abilities anymore):
Weapons have the ability to non-verbally communicate their thoughts and feelings with their Meister and, depending on how strong their partnership is, to keep track of their Meister’s physical and mental well-being. Better resonance allows for better communication and monitoring. During moderately good resonance, a weapon can also impart knowledge and proficiency on how to wield his or her weapon form to the meister.

Weapons often have partial forms, which is the ability to transform selective portions of your body into parts of your weapon form. For example, a sword-type Weapon can change his arm into a sword blade, and a hammer-type Weapon can change her fist into a hammerhead. This is on a case-by-case basis, so if think you should have this ability, ask for it in your application.

Resonating partners are stronger, faster, and more capable of withstanding attacks that would normally knock out and incapacitate an ordinary person.

For gun-type weapons, your ammunition is dependent on soul wavelength and does not require reloading in the conventional sense. All ‘bullets’ are made of soul wavelength, so the strength and ‘amount’ depend on the energy reserves of both partners.

How are weapons played (in general)?
At the most basic level, a Weapon is stronger than the average human, but not strong enough to defeat Kishin Eggs—and certainly not Witches—on their own or without a partner. Part of the game is finding ways to gain strength through resonance and missions. All but the simplest and most basic of a Weapon’s abilities are only accessible via moderate resonance and, just like in video games and tabletop, novice Weapons won’t be able to use their abilities effectively to begin with. In addition, complications of stamina and trust may arise; using powers can be very taxing at this stage, particularly when working within the confines of an untested partnership. Working with a Meister is about absolute faith, and anything less will curtail the capabilities of even the most practiced and powerful of Weapons.

It isn’t all about limitations, however. Weapons are also sturdier, sharper, more effective, and more pack-to-the-punch than any ordinary object. As what happens to Meisters, Weapons have improved physical endurance, speed, and healing rates compared to that of the average human. Unlike Meisters, Weapons in their weapon form are more protected from environmental dangers and even injury in battle, and the weapon form is capable of withstanding even the greatest of duress.

Resonance Attacks:
Different partners have skills or ace attacks that they achieve during perfect resonance (usually after a long partnership with a single Meister). These attacks are a symbol of the partnership’s advanced synergy and are formed based on the abilities of both Meister and Weapon together. This isn’t decided during application period: send us a note when your Weapon and his/her Meister achieve a bond deserving of a Resonance Attack!

Here are some sample Weapon sections:

Why is your character a Weapon and not a Meister?
Primarily, Jade is a Weapon because that is what he would consider himself to be in the SC universe: He’s been in the military for roughly two-thirds of his life, he lacks trust in his ability to make good decisions and he’s most well-known for his powers in his own world. Besides this, Jade lacks the motivation and drive to be a good Meister; he’s much better in a position where he can analyze and guide someone that’s more enthusiastic about the war than he is because he’s been shown to only demonstrate care and effort when someone else is leading the effort.

What is your character’s Weapon form? Why?
Jade’s Weapon form looks exactly like the glasses he wears because you’d hardly suspect an ordinary pair of glasses as being a pair of Demon Glasses and it also serves as a cover to how deceptive Jade is.
Indeed, it was really in the glasses.

What is your character’s Weapon Ability?
Jade’s power focuses on elemental catalysis; that is, the process of borrowing the innate elemental energy from his surrounding environment and amplifying it with a soul wavelength, whether it be on his own or with a Meister.

Wearing the Jade-glasses allows the Meister first to sense the existence of elemental energy around them, which are divided into four categories: Earth, Water, Fire and Lightning/Wind. How much they’re able to sense depends on their level of resonance with Jade as they’re borrowing fully from his own capabilities from his own world. At basic resonance, the Meister will only be able to see elemental formations in the form of colors and this only works if said elemental formation is constantly moving (For example, a fountain would be a good example of a water formation). At good resonance, the Meister will be able to hear sounds that relate to the elements at a higher level of sensitivity than normal people. As an example, they would be able to hear the gushing of water below them if there was a source of water below. Finally, at near-perfect resonance, the Meister will be able to sense the elements with all of their body, as if the energy is flowing directly into them.

The Meister’s level of sensitivity to the elements directly ties into his/her ability to absorb and then repel the elemental energy accumulated into their own body. When he/she collects the energy, the Meister’s and Jade’s Soul Wavelength are both utilized to expel the energy afterwards. Besides this function, the Meister may eventually learn how to manipulate his/her Soul Wavelength to concentrate the energy to work in certain ways, such as using it to imprison the enemy. Finally, Jade himself can also help to manipulate the energy; his ability to do this and lending more power to his Meister is affected by the amount of Kishin eggs that he’s consumed.

What is your character’s Weapon Form? Why?
Demon Rifle. Germany’s weapon form is the Gewehr Karabiner 98k. It’s a 5-shot, bolt-action shoulder rifle used first in World War I and modified for use in World War II for the infantry. It comes with a bayonet permanently attached to the front and iron sights. It’s very like him: doesn’t give any quarters, simple, and puts emphasis on function rather than appearance.

The bayonet part of his weapon form is his partial form. His hand changes to a blade to reflect this.

What is your character’s Weapon Ability?
He doesn’t really have any special abilities; however, like all gun-types in Soul Eater, his bullets will be made of soul wavelength and will only be limited to the stores of energy of both meister and weapon, even if he still needs to be cocked (Germany is very realist that way). His bullets also explode on impact for enhanced damage.

Unlike common partnerships, Germany’s weapon form dictates the enhancements due to full resonance. On full resonance, Germany’s function (not form) changes to that of a Panzerschreck, an anti-tank rocket launcher rather than that of a plain rifle. The recoil becomes bigger, the rate of fire becomes a lot slower, and each bullet requires a lot more energy to use.

Full resonance gives the bullets two pseudo-effects: the ‘bullets’ become larger balls of soul wavelength that explode even more significantly upon impact (re: it would be able to do things like dismember one-star kishin eggs in a shot), and the bullets can be adjusted for better accuracy even after it’s been fired. The adjustments are minimal -- a few degrees from the point of shot -- but through long distances, may spell the difference between a hit or a miss.

Why is your character a Weapon and not a Meister?
Looking at Ryoki's personality will make you understand why: he is insane. He is unstable, insane, slow, he is a sadist, and he gets off on blood and killing. He can't be a Meister; the instability would never allow him to hold anyone, and it'd only get the two of them hurt.

What is your character’s Weapon Form? Why?
WELL, it's complicated to describe it, so here, have some pictures.

It's not a tonfa, though can work as such, and it sort of looks like a modified cane/crutch. It's a weapon for punks; you use it as if you had a bat or a tonfa or just swing it around until it hits. It can move part of its body to become smaller (the impact hurts lot more) or bigger (hurts less, but the Meister doesn’t have to be incredibly close of their target).

This is Ryoki's weapon in canon, so I found it logical to make him turn into it.

What is your character’s Weapon Ability?
It has only ONE special ability that grows as Ryoki's strength as weapon grows, and it's related to his own bull-characteristic: impact. When the weapon hits its target, it forms an additional impact wave on the point of contact (aside from the physical damage that the weapon already does). The impact wave starts by only shaking the target. As Ryo's strength increases, it grows to throw someone a few feet away, then it can additionally cause damage to the internal organs and so on, depending on Ryoki (as well as the resonance between him and his Meister - which MUST be perfect because you have a crazy person in your hands). At the most powerful level, the impact can cause a small building to crumble down.

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