Nov. 8th, 2010

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- E-mail is the most reliable form of contact! Our email is
- If you absolutely must contact us on plurk, please private plurk it. Unprivate plurks often get lost in the timelines.
- The Questions/FAQs page is here

The Mod Team

Do you have a concern that does not fall under FAQ, Plot Suggestions, Meme Suggestions, or Questions? Please leave it here and we'll try our best.

All comments are screened and IP addresses are turned off.

You may also contact any of the mods by any of these methods:

For Caleb:

AIM: fruitsponchi
Plurk: bloodeagles
Timezone: EST

For Orange Crates (Head Mod):

Plurk: orangecrates
Timezone: GMT -4

You can also contact one of our help staff but more game related questions should be directed to one of the mods listed above.

For Lady of the Thread:

AIM: AugusteR
Plurk: embroideress
Timezone: EST

The App Mods

The Application Mods is made up of people who help us process applications every cycle. The normal SC mods still read all the apps and still have the final decision in how an application is processed in the end, but the app mods provide us with important and priceless input, as well as makes the workload faster and more easily distributed.

Current members are:

Members of the app mods may change more often than the core mod team, and this list will be updated to reflect any changes to that.

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