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Employment Board sign-ups


New to Death City? Looking for a Job? Finding employment is easier than you think!

Take a look at all the positions open to Death City's new arrivals; we're sure you'll find a position that suits your talents and needs. Once you see a job you're interested in, apply with the necessary personal information and your qualifications! Shibusen has a blanket recommendation for all of its students and guests, and certain employers are very good at hiring applicants as a contribution to Shibusen's efforts to help their students and guests adapt to the city.

See the sample in the sign up for an acceptable application format. All list wages are per-hour.

For additional information on each business, refer to the map. You may also prefer to gain employment from the many guests who have decided to put up businesses in Death City.

Deathbucks & DeathDonald's
Barista: Being a barista means that you’ll be the ones making and mixing the coffee (you’ll be trained, don’t worry, and they have machines for that), taking orders, cashiering, and generally helping maintain the store. The baristas as Deathbucks are the smiles that the franchise lives on, so it’s understandable that being personable is a requirement for the job.

Fastfood Technician: These are the people working in the kitchen of your favourite fast food, running around the back of the house to prepare the strange things you eat in record time. Just don’t ask them to identify what’s being served on your plate, because chances are, they don’t know either.

Barista x 4
Fastfood Technician x 2
City Maintenance
Construction Workers: Your manly men are belong to us. These are the people building and fixing the different infrastructures found in Death City. You don’t exactly need muscles to be in this job, but it’s plus points if you’re strong and manly.

Maintenance Workers: All the dirty things you don’t want to do, including but not limited to the following: Picking up the trash, maintaining the roads, sweeping up after all that sand, hauling away the dead bodies on the road—what. The local government pays for these guys because their job is to take care of common public property.

Safety Patrol: Buncha crazies the BREW dragged in here, huh? The safety patrol’s there to make sure that nothing – or as little as possible, really – happens at night, not under their watch. Shibusen's assigned one Roy Mustang to handle the group. Those interested with the details can go here.
Construction Worker x 6
Mainenence Worker x 4
Holocaust Mall
Grocery Cashier: Sounds easier than it actually is. Like any cashiering job, grocery cashiers spend all day going through their customer’s purchases and asking them for money. The real killer is the part where you’re standing up all day, really.

Janitor: Spilled your ice cream? No problem. Puked all over the floor? No problem. Dropped that bucket of popcorn everywhere? No problem. The janitor is the one who cleans after everyone else in the mall. Suck job, sure, but it pays very well and you get to clean the windows
Grocery Cashier x 3
Janitor x 3
Death By Pastry
Baker: The bakers of Death by Pastry are usually considered the best in the industry in Death City. Beyond the normal bread and cakes that all bakers know how to make, Death by Pastry bakers are also well-versed in the art of producing pastries and other products that are so good they can kill.

Waiter/Waitress: Waiters and waitresses are people who ‘wait’ on customers. Basically, they hover around the customers in the store and see to their needs and other orders, provided that they are within reason and part of the establishment’s service. The tip is usually pretty good..
Baker x 2
Waitress/Waiter x 4
[07.45 plus tips]
Mortician's Touch
Hair Dresser: The work of a hairdresser is very delicate and requires good taste and skill. Being in the business is pretty profitable, especially when you've built up a customer base. The tip is good, the work is what one would call an artistic profession, not to mention all the gossip you can be privy to.

Aesthetician: The Aesthetician is your skin’s best friend. They’re the experts on skin care, including procedures like facials, body wraps, exfoliation treatments, hair removal, make-up services, and others. Requires a good eye for style and fashion, as well as a steady hand.

Personal Shopper: If you don’t know what cut to get or what looks good for you, never fear, the personal shopper is here! They’ll help you decide what kind of hairstyle you should get, or the kind of treatment you should allow for your hair. Requires a good eye and a great taste in hairstyles and fashion.
Hair Dresser x 2
Personal Shopper x 2
Aesthetician x 2
Corpse Bros. Cinema
Usher: The job is pretty simple: Lead people in, help them find their seats, and clean up after the popcorn-y mess after. Plus, you get to wave a flashlight around like nobody's business and watch all the movies for free over and over and over and over again...

Film Operator: This is the guy who loads the movie into the machine and lets it play on the big screen. Some might think it's a boring job, but it does leave the person a lot of time provided that he has the means to occupy it.
Usher x 2
Film Operator
Death's Best Friend Pet Store
Sales Associate: Hi, welcome to Death's Best Friend Pet Store! How may I help you? Are you looking for a dog, a cat, or perhaps one of our latest accessories? You're just in time for our new batnip! Basically, the sales associate tours the customer around the store and tries to sell things to them (whether they need it or not).

Dog Walker: Dog walking isn't as easy as it sounds -- what job that involves picking up poop after some half a dozen dogs is easy, after all? -- but it pays pretty well for short hours of work. You walk the store's dogs, as well as the occasional customer who comes in with their pooches.
Sales Associate x 2
Dog Walker x 8
Papercut Books & Antiquities
Sales Associate: Like in the pet store, the sales associate is the one who shows the customer around and tries to show off their wares and sell them things. However, Papercut's sales associate need to be trained on handling their more sensitive products, not to mention that they have to learn the details about their products.

Book Restorer: A difficult job usually not for the young and impatient. Death City is home to many books hundreds of years old, many not as carefully preserves as some others. The book restorer is in charge of fixing these books to readable and even sellable condition through various techniques and methods passed down in the trade.
Sales Associate x 2
Book Restorer x 0 (Full)
Cabaret Host Club
Host/Hostess: The job of a host/hostess isn't often well-received among Death City's normal citizens, but it's not really all that bad. Look pretty, be charming, flirt outrageously, and give the client a good conversation. Most of the host club regulars are just lonely bachelors, after all, and the hosts/hostesses aren't advised to get ahem, down and dirty with their customers. That is, unless they want to and outside the establishment, please.

Bartender: Congratulations, you are now everyone's best friend and possibly the most well-used ears in the city. Bartenders do more than just mix drinks and show off their bartending skills -- they also accommodate the less happy of customers with talk and conversation..
Host/Hostess x 8
[20.00 plus tips]
Bartender x 3
[15.00 plus tips]
Danse Macabre
DJ: The DJ is king and the dance club his kingdom. His job is to keep the dance floor lively and the party-goers moving with club music and the like. Applicant preferably young and in with the current trends, in Death City or otherwise.

Radio Host: In this job, charm and voice is definitely money. The radio host is the voice constantly talking on-air in the Macabre, entertaining people with their wit and keeping things lively for the ones not dancing.
DJ x 2
Radio Host x 3
Bitch's Brew Bar
Cook: Meals at the Bitch's Brew Bar tend to be one of two things: Beer food, or meat. Usually both. It doesn't mean, however, that because your customers are drunk that they won't notice that the food is bad, so cooking skills are still required.

Bartender: Congratulations, you are now everyone's best friend and possibly the most well-used ears in the city. Bartenders do more than just mix drinks and show off their bartending skills -- they also accommodate the less happy of customers with talk and conversation.

Bouncer: People + liquor generally results in less than ideal situations, and the management of the Bar knows this well. Bouncers here usually have their hands full of unruly drunks. It's especially bad on Valentine's Day.
Cook x 2
Bartender x 2
Bouncer x 2
Bare-it-All Strip Club
Stripper: ... If you don't know what this is, then you don't have any business applying for it. Really.

Bouncer: The Strip Club gets all sorts of people clamoring for their er, goods and services, and of course, some undesirable patrons will appear now and then. The bouncers are in charge of protecting their products, keeping the peace, and kicking the trash out.
Stripper x 3
Bouncer x 2
World Bank
Teller: Tellers are individuals who assist customers with their banking tasks. They deposit and retrieve funds for patrons and do small tasks around the building such as brew coffee and answer questions.

Janitor: The janitor does what all janitors do: empty trashes, clean bathrooms, sweep the floor, vacuum, dust, and wash the windows.
Teller x 2
Janitor x 2
Death City General Hospital
Nursery Assistant:An individual who watches the children of the workers or patients of the hospital. Patience is a must for this job, a love for youngsters is preferred but not required.
Nursery Assistant x 2
Recreational Center
Personal Trainer: A job that's all about exercise and helping someone else do it right. This job entails showing people how to use the equipment as well as providing more personal instruction for those who desire it.

Lifeguard: Watches the pool at the Recreational Center to make sure people don't drown. Also capable of basic medical assistance and breaks up overly violent water fights.
Personal Trainer
Lifeguard x 2
Maître d': Known as a 'host' in less fancy restaurants, this individual is in charge of taking reservations and assigning customers to tables. Handsome face and charm required!

Busboy: Brings the dishes back to the dishwashers and cleans tables.

Waitstaff: Waits on customers with a significant level of competence and attention to detail. They are expected to anticipate their guests' every need and desire before they ask for it. Assuring the food comes swiftly and is to guests' taste is essential.

PR Agent: Deals with angry customers, problems with waitstaff, and arranging large parties. This is a very professional job and requires not only patience, but a high level of diplomacy.

Musicians: Dorsia welcomes most musical instruments. They can provide a piano, violent, saxophone, microphone, and a flute from their stock, but other instruments will have to come from the applicant.
Maître d' x 1
Busboy x 3
PR Agent
Waitstaff x 3
Musician x 3
Death Robbins
Sales Associate: Sells ice cream and other frozen treats. You're expected to sing if tipped - no exceptions!
Sales Associate
Beetle Juice
Juice Monkey: Makes juice (no need to actually look or smell like a monkey.)
Juice Monkey x 2

Deadly Pretty Maid Cafe
Maid: A rather simple job in practice. It is very much like the job of a waiter in which you take orders, bring people their food, make sure that they are all comfortable where they are and with their food. These waitresses, however, dress up in cute french maid outfits and flirt with their customers. You need to be prepared for dealing with some perverts for a job like this!
Maid x 8
Bloody Butler Cafe
Butler: A work for the pretty boys. Not that much different from the waiters and the maids, with one catch: These butlers dress up in handsome suits and flirt with their customers (usually called princess or master). Learn how to say no and you should be fine.
Butler x 7
Owner: The current owner of the Diner is looking to sell the place, and so if you are interested in running a small, but quaint little diner then now is your chance. Hiring and general maintenance are what this job entails. Oh. And yelling at people when they slack off.

Waitress/Waiter: Waiters and waitresses are people who ‘wait’ on customers. Basically, they hover around the customers in the store and see to their needs and other orders, provided that they are within reason and part of the establishment’s service. The tip is usually pretty good.
[depends on success of business]
Waitress/Waiter x 3
Pizza Tomb
Pizza Maker: Being fat and having a twirly mustache is not a requirement for this job, contrary to stereotypes! The job of a pizza maker is just as simple as it name implies. You make pizza for all the hungry customers.

Busboy: Brings the dishes back to the dishwashers and cleans tables.
Pizza maker
Busboy x 2

Shibusen City Park
Ranger: Park Rangers are people who help to preserve the environment. As a ranger you will not only help in maintaining the park but also regulate the amount of visitors that can come, and educate others about the importance of conservation.

Event Planner: The park is a perfect place for big events such as festivals, parties, and visiting carnivals and the like. Of course coordinating all these things and making sure they do not impinge on the preservation of the park can be a little difficult to do, and that is why there are event planners.

Gardener: Their primary job is to take care of the park in general. They make sure it is clean, thriving, and pay particular attention to the plantlife. They decide what will be planted, where, and when to help the park grow.
Event Planner
[depends on events/attendance]
Caretaker: The caretakers of the church are the ones who keep it clean, and watch over it when most have gone home. More importantly they provide shelter to the homeless and/or young, and help to guide them back to the right path.

Archivist: Records major events that effect the church and its congregation as well as archiving the members of the church, marriages, funerals, and baptisms.

To make tracking the sign-ups easier, please click here to see how many slots are left for the position your character wants to apply for. Shaded slots are N/A.
If the slot you want is taken, you can still leave an application in case the slot frees up in the future.
You can assume your application as automatically accepted unless a mod comments otherwise. Death City's business owners are very good at accepting Shibusen students as part timers; it helps the students fit more in normal society despite their unique skills.

Sign-up form:

List of character-run businesses here.

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[personal profile] huntressing 2013-09-01 02:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Masako Natsume
Age: 16

Location of Establishment: Inner City Residential District
Establishment: Deadly Pretty Maid Cafe
Position: Maid
Experience: None, but if they're into different types of maids, Masako is a perfect natural kuudere kind without even having to try.. (Minako Arisato suggested she should get a job there because of it.)