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Communicator Manual

The Shinigami Communicator™

The Shinigami Communicator™ is a communication device that is distributed to all Shibusen agents and their affiliates, including all the guests. For the guests’ devices, it connects them to the DEMISE network, Shibusen’s special network allocated just for the guests and Death City’s Shibusen agents. Death City and other common citizens do not have communicators that can log into the DEMISE network and vice versa. They also do not have access to the production and selling of these communicators. The Shinigami Communicator™ is specifically Shibusen-only equipment.

The communicator’s appearance is basically that of a rectangular mirror about the size of an average hand*, with a silicone frame and skin. It has no wires or microchips, does not need to be charged, and seemingly runs on magic alone. The communicator’s screen is entirely made of glass with no keypads or buttons. The glass not only functions like your normal touchscreen device, it’s also the device’s speaker, microphone, and video camera in one.

The features, tools, and applications of the communicator are programmed to be displayed on the front screen by default, though the more technologically-savvy guests may customize this if they wish. The frame and skin of the communicator may also be changed, painted on, etcetera.

Default Applications and Features:
⇝ Communication tools. The Shinigami Communicator™ has video, voice, and text tools that can be used to leave entries or comments in the DEMISE. For the text tool, a touchscreen keyboard will be shown on the screen for the typist’s convenience. An application also reads text out loud for the user, but the voice tends to be robotic and stilted in nature.
⇝ GPS. The world’s maps are available for perusal in the communicator. This is particularly useful for agents taking missions abroad. The maps are very detailed for most major cities (giving minute details like building names), and more basic for rural areas and less developed countries (streets and roads only).
⇝ Other tools. Leads to other applications, like the owner’s contacts list, bookmarked entries, alerts, filters, notes, alarms, etcetera.

Other Tools:
There are some applications that are not part of the default, but can be activated from the settings. They aren't perfect and may be annoying for some, hence why they are not part of the default. These include:
⇝ Voice activated keys. This only works for the basic functions of the communicator (for example: "Read DEMISE", "Make Video") and for typing down texts for the text box.
⇝ Scribbly notes. You can write on the screen of the communicator and it automatically gets translated to alphanumeric keys. However, your handwriting has to be legible for this to work well...
⇝ Drawing tool. You can draw on the screen and save the resulting image.

SOS Signal:
⇝ SOS signal. The only non-customizable tool in the DEMISE. This small, discreet button remains on the top left of the screen regardless of any application open, and will be activated once pressed for several seconds. The communicator’s tracking signal will immediately be placed on the GPS and all communicators will be alerted of the signal through obnoxiously loud sounds and flashing.
⇝ An alternative to alerting the SOS signal is by quickly scribbling SOS on the screen's surface.
⇝ The button on any communicator can be used by anyone regardless of if they are authorized to use the device or not (see: security set up), though it logs the person’s soul signature. Making prank SOS calls will be punished by Shibusen.

Security Set-up:
⇝ The communicator can only be operated by its owner. The communicators are programmed so that they can only be used by the soul signatures of their owners. The screen of the communicator will immediately dim to black (except for the SOS signal) the moment an unauthorized person attempts to use it.
⇝ The owners may manually input other soul signatures that they want allow to handle their devices, like their partners or close friends.

The madness wavelength blanketing the world has an adverse effect not only on human beings, but also on technology, making magic a more viable means of communicating with distant locations. The larger mirrors present in most countries act as conduits for the communicator’s signals, though the method is not foolproof.
⇝ The device’s signal range is fairly extensive, as long as high amounts of the madness wavelength does not interrupt it. The madness wavelength has covered the world in varying degrees of severity depending on location, so communication over cities, states, or countries that are far apart tend to be fuzzy. For longer-ranged communication, please use the larger mirrors available in Shibusen.
⇝ The Shinigami Communicator™ is very, very durable, and can withstand impact and shock equal to being thrown off from twenty stories high. The screen is also fairly scratch resistant, though the nature of glass makes it a little difficult to keep clean. All communicators come with microfiber rags for polishing!

Interfacing with Other Devices:
⇝ The communicator can be used in tandem with other similar devices or gadgets, provided that the other devices are capable of wireless connection. The Shinigami Communicator™ is best used with the wireless earpieces that Shibusen lends out during missions for easier communication with team members.
⇝ Shibusen will be tracking what is interfaced with the communicators for security.

Accounts, Database, and User Profiles:
⇝ Guests and agents only get one communicator each, and each communicator has a unique account attached to it. Therefore, when a user logs into the network, it is by his communicator's identity (nickname customizable!) and no one else's.
⇝ The communicators work as identity badges for the guests when claiming the free items from Death City's shops.
⇝ When a communicator is destroyed or lost, the data is migrated to a replacement communicator and the owner is given the replacement.
⇝ In the event of a character’'s death or upon return of the BREW home, the character’s communicator is retrieved (if possible), the data and identity is archived, and the communicator is reformatted and given a new account. If the communicator cannot be retrieved, it is permanently cut out from the network and externally shut down.

Other Capabilities:
The DEMISE remains a mostly technology-based, digital network, which means that it still offers some flexibility in terms of filtering, hacking, coding, and other formats.
⇝ Users can make filtered posts to select individuals.
⇝ Users may make anonymous-looking posts if they are very good at hacking technology. However, as the network owner, it is impossible to mask an account from Shibusen's technology division should they choose to track these anonymous users down.
⇝ Users can also try hacking into each other’s entries, but that’s a very difficult task to accomplish. The moment Shibusen notices your attempts, your account will be immediately shut down until further notice.

The mall also provides other accessories that you might be interested in.
⇝ Microfiber cloth.
⇝ Stylus.
⇝ Silicone case, black with the Shinigami logo. There is a hole you can use to loop strings for accessories.

* 4in (100mm) x 2.35in (60mm) x 0.27in (7mm) (HxWxD)

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